Tunde's Parkplatz

Kwartiermeesterstraat 4, Amsterdam

1019 WC, Netherlands


Antwortet innerhalb 1 hour

Mitglied seit Oct '19

max. Breite 2.40
max. Höhe 4.80

Über diesen Parkplatz

I am offering one parking space in a private and covered car parking in a secured garage In a very centralised location, Borneo island. Close to Llyod hotel, Hampton Hotel, cafes and restaurants. 3 min drive from Amsterdam Central station. Also available for long term rental (more than three weeks). You can enter and exit whenever you like.

Good for cars and SUV's also.

Zugang zum Parkplatz

Can access it anytime you want using the key.


Für SUV's geeignet Zugang 24/7 Video überwacht Licht bei Nacht