A road trip through the Netherlands: from Burgundian Maastricht to deer spotting in the Veluwe

Road trip through the Netherlands? Read here which cities and sights you absolutely must not miss!
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A road trip through the Netherlands: from Burgundian Maastricht to deer spotting in the Veluwe


Forget Bali, Times Square or Las Ramblas. It's high time to take an unforgettable road trip through the Netherlands. Stroll through the dunes of Zeeland, tower high above Utrecht, eat like a Burgundian in Maastricht and survey the wild boar in the Veluwe. Get in your car and discover the most beautiful places in your own country. Your first stop? Utrecht!

At high altitude above Utrecht

You first have to climb 465 steps for it, but then you can cross climbing the Netherlands' tallest church off your list. At some 112.5 metres, Utrecht's Dom Tower is twice the height of the Tower of Pisa and stands shoulder to shoulder with London's Big Ben. Stairs are a problem? An elevator can also takes you to the top. After your climb, settle down on one of Utrecht's cosy terraces, before getting back in your car and heading out of town. Tip: reserve your parking space in Utrecht city centre in advance.

3 x nicest terraces in Utrech

- Stadskasteel Oudaen - not to be missed in Utrecht: this historic castle dates from 1280 and is located on the Oudegracht.

- Orloff aan de kade - this café with a lovely terrace is one of Utrecht's classics. You can go there for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- Strand Oog in al - a bit out of the city centre, but SOIA - because that's how Utrechters like to call their city beach - is well worth the detour.

Deer and wild boar spotting in the Veluwe

On to your next destination: continue your road trip to the Veluwe! The quickest route is along the A12. But a much more beautiful and fun roadtrip through the Netherlands can be experienced on the N225. This national road winds along the Rhine from Leersum to Arnhem. After some seventy kilometres through typical Dutch river landscape, you get off in the middle of the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Not really a hiker? Explore the park by bike! You can borrow white bikes for free at several entrances of the park. There is also a pick-up and drop-off point for white bicycles in front of the Kröller-Müller Museum. Here you can visit the extensive sculpture garden before leaving the Veluwe and head towards Arnhem.

A green city walk through Arnhem

Looking for cheap parking right in the centre of Arnhem? Park your car safely at the Holiday Inn. From here, take a beautiful city walk along the restored Sint Jansbeek. For a long time, the brook around which Arnhem grew was hidden under the city. This is no longer the case. In certain parts, the Sint Jansbeek has been excavated, restoring its connection with the Rijnkade. Craving for some delicious coffee halfway through your walk through Arnhem? Then stop by Brew2Cup. This special coffee shop has a huge underground space that is part of Arnhem's centuries-old city cellars. With your coffee to-go, stroll on to Park Sonsbeek and Zypendaal. These two well-known Arnhem parks should not be missing from your city walk either! In the evening, the Fashion Quarter and the Spijkerkwartier are the place to be. In these hip neighbourhoods you will find many cosy b&bs, hotels and restaurants. Get back in your car the next morning and head south!

Living like a Burgundian in Maastricht

It has some of Belgium, some of France, a bit of Germany and let's not forget Luxembourg. Welcome to Mestreech! Reserve a parking space in the centre of Maastricht before you leave. That way, you only pay €10 parking fee for 24 hours and you are right in the city centre. Because here in the centre of the most Burgundian city in the Netherlands, it is always cosy and as a food-and-drink lover, you are right at home.

Culinary delights in Maastricht: these are our 4 favourite places

  1. “Vloai”: When in Limburg, we say "vloaj". For that, go especially to the Bisschopsmolen. In the oldest rotating water mill in the Netherlands, your taste buds will celebrate.
  2. Coffee: Maison Blanche Dael has been a household name in Maastricht since 1878. Here you buy the tastiest coffee beans in the city - and beyond. If you are more of a tea lover, this gem of a shop is the right place for that too.
  3. Asparagus: For asparagus, go to the Poshoof. This organic asparagus farm is located in rolling countryside, just a stone's throw from Maastricht. Here you will learn and taste where the nickname "the white gold" comes from.
  4. Wine: Burgundians love wine. Red, white, dry, round, full-bodied, ripe - all of it! In the southernmost tip of the Netherlands they get it. For the best wines from the region, stop by wine shop Thiessen Wijnkoopers.

Strolling through the dunes of Zeeland

Enough eating and drinking: time to move on. Continue your road trip to Zeeland and park your car in Breezand. This beach is up to 500 metres wide in places - hence the name - and is just over a kilometre from Vrouwenpolder. Take a long beach walk, wander through the dunes or discover an authentic Zeeland village like Domburg. Out and about? Book an overnight stay during your road trip through the Netherlands. Sleep one, two or three nights in a nature cottage on the beach and wake up to Oystercatchers, Black-tailed Godwits and Spoonbills. The next day, it's already time for your last stop: you're off to the Hofstad of the Netherlands! Parking can be tricky here. So reserve a cheap parking spot in The Hague city centre in advance.

Oh, oh, The Hague beautiful city behind the dunes

From tranquillity back to the city. You continue the road trip to The Hague! Via the N57, you depart from Vrouwenpolder. Halfway across the bridge over the Oosterschelde, you pass Holland's largest and most famous victory over water: the Delta Works. An hour later, you arrive at your destination. Walk from your parking spot to the Binnenhof. Around this medieval square are the Senate, the Lower House and the Torentje: the prime minister's office. This is where the Netherlands is governed. Already hungry or in the mood for a drink? Then head to Café Franklin: a household name in the heart of The Hague.

Have you finished your tour of the Netherlands? From now on, drop the following one-liner on every birthday, during that chat with your neighbour or with the gentleman in the supermarket: "Never thought the Netherlands was so beautiful!

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