Additional Parking Revenue for
Hotels & Hospitality 

Let verified Mobyparkers use your parking spots at times they are unused. Flexible, safe, and easy.
New Revenue
Earn up to
€100,000 per location per year
Total flexibility
Adjust the number of shared spots or pause at any time
Automated process Live dashboard and automated monthly payouts & reports.
New audiences
Welcome additional 
local and international drivers at your hotel.

Many international hotels are already sharing their parking

Among which:

List your hotel parking space for free

Rent your hotel's parking capacity on Mobypark at times of under-occupation and attract new user groups. Let our international marketing and support team do the rest. No investment needed!

You can start earning additional revenue today. No strings attached. You can pause or stop renting at any moment. Add your parking space now and one of our sales representatives will help you out with the follow-up steps.

Over 60 hotels already generate additional revenue with their parking space 

What they say about Mobypark:

"Working with Mobypark is a great opportunity to optimize revenue in a consistent manner especially over 2020 and 2021. "

Maria Ghebresselasie
General Manager 
@ Hilton Amsterdam Hotel, Amsterdam

"Through thorough research we choose Mobypark. Other parties were actually taking our regular parking customers."

Elwin Giel 
Owner @ Tower Leisure BV & The Penthouse (Hotel Apartments), The Hague

"Mobypark has given me less worries about administration and
payment of parking. Besides, it helps in our sustainability focus."

Ramon Trienes 
Room Division Manager
@ Leonardo Hotel Rem-brandtpark,Amsterdam

Case Study: Hilton Amsterdam 

Learn how Hilton Amsterdam boosted their revenue with their parking during COVID-19.

Download Case Study
Hilton C
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Become a City Hero!

In cities, people waste twenty minutes a day looking for parking. This leads to traffic jams and unnecessary CO2 emissions. At the same time, parked cars line the streets, while 50% of private parking capacity remains unused.

Share your hotel parking on Mobypark and help the city. Mobyparkers reserve unused spots and drive directly to their destination, optimising existing resources and minimizing time on the road. 

Did you know that sharing your hotel parking facilities contributes to reaching your sustainability goals?

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Mobypark drivers can make use of your existing system to get access to the parking. Mobypark can also install an IoT (Internet of Things) device on top of your current parking system. Access to your parking is only provided to Mobyparkers within the indicated reservation period.
That is fine - You may close the parking or lower the number of spots which you offer on our platform at any given time.
Yes, you can cancel a booking up to 24 hours before the start of the booking.
You. Our parking experts use data to advise you on the best pricing strategy that is aligned with your own situation and plans.
Mobypark requires no extra work on your part. Simply give us a call or send us a message and we'll work out the specific details for your case. When everything is clear, we'll set you up so you can start earning additional revenue.