How do I get to my parking space?

To find parking spaces from companies:

Once your parking reservation has been confirmed, you will receive all necessary information about how to access the car park by email. You can also find all information by logging into your mobypark account via the website (and clicking on “my bookings” in the option menu).

There are different ways to access a company parking. Some companies require you to enter a pin code you receive once you booked, others just give access to the parking with a ticket at the entrance gate. In any case, you receive detailed information after your booking is confirmed and we make it as convenient as possible for you so you find your car park easily.

To find parking spaces from individuals:

All individual car park owners specify the way to access their parking in their parking description. Once you have completed your reservation online and the owner has confirmed it, you will receive the contact details of the parking owner and vice versa.

You can contact the owner to get more information on how and when to access the parking or inform him about anything else you consider important to share. Normally you receive the mean to access an individual’s car park directly from the person itself, or from his/her neighbours, a shop close by,...

You should also arrange with the owner how and when to return the keys etc. before you leave the parking again.