Wendy's parking

Piet Heinplein 9, Noordwijk

2202 NS, Netherlands


Reponds within 1 hour

Member since Jun '19

Max width 3.00
Max height 3.00

Parking description

Private parking space close to Noordwijk's beach. A 5 minute walk from the beach close to the lighthouse. This part of the beach is the most populair area in Noordwijk. As well the parking space is a 3 minute walk to Noordwijk's shopping center.

Access information

The parking area is not restricted with a code. The parking area is just in front of the house which has grey pavement and a grey fench with a flagpole in it. You can just drive up and place the car in front of the house. Two ways to park, 1. drive it with the nose of the car straight to the house (not for big cars) or 2. park the car side ways (please watch out for the fench, best is to turn the car around in the street first so that you can drive in easily).


24/7 access Electrical charging station

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