Parking de Arwa

Bogortuin 221, Amsterdam

1019 PE, Netherlands


Répondre en 5 hours

Membre depuis Feb '19

Largeur max 2.40
Hauteur max 4.80

Description du parking

I am offering one parking space in a private and covered car parking in a secured garage In Java island. Close to hotel Jakarta, cafes and restaurants. 3 min drive from Amsterdam Central station. Available for long term rental (more than three weeks). You can enter and exit when you like as you have a access code that you have to input from your phone

Good for cars and SUV's also.

Accès au parking

Can open it using your phone after your number goes in the main database. If you rent it for a month or longer, I will ask the management to add your number to the database. If you rent it for a week then I will open it for you. You can send me a msg to ask to open it for you every time you want to enter the parking.


Taille pour SUV Accès toute la journée