Parking de Sangmin

Leeuwendalersweg 33, Amsterdam

1061 BA, Netherlands


Répondre en 12 hours

Membre depuis Sep '20

Largeur max 2.00
Hauteur max 2.15

Description du parking

Hello, outdoor parking space of newly built residence in Amsterdam West, close to A10 highway and walking distance to the public transportation like Vlugtlaan metro station and bus

Accès au parking

It's really protected area which only be accessible by the residences with a remote control. Once your reservation has been accepted, you'll get my contact and we'll get in touch to plan everything smoothly for your arrival. If you want to use the car for a few times, I can open the gate for you. However, if you want to have the flexibility of entering and exiting the parking during the reservation period, I can give you the remote control with EUR 100 as a deposit. We only have one key, that's the only reason why :)


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