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The easiest and most flexible way to maximise the revenue of 
your real estate's parking 
More revenue
Earn up to €100,000 per property per year without any effort. 
Additional safety
Safe platform with only verified users and secured payments. 
 Automated access
Option for state-of-the art IoT technology or API integrations.

New audiences
Unique local and inter-national reach, based on your situation.

Parking as part of your revenue streams

By offering your parking on Mobypark, you can make the most of your parking assets. 

Increase your revenue stream at times that the parking is under-occupied. Offer your parking on weekends and evenings for real estate such as offices. Or make money during weekdays and evenings for other types of real estate such as residential properties.

5 Spots

In Paris

20 Spots 

In Amsterdam


Trusted by leading companies

Among which:

Get in on the trend:
 Demand for reservable parking locations is growing rapidly

Many cities in Europe, such as Paris and Amsterdam are getting rid of hundreds of thousands of parking spots on the street. At the same time, 50% of private parking capacity remains unused. If your real estate has unoccupied parking spots, you can easily optimise your assets and generate more revenue with Mobypark.

You can rent your parking capacity on Mobypark at times of under-occupation and attract unique user groups. Let our international marketing and support team do the rest. No investment needed!

Which type of real estate can share its parking?

Mobypark makes it easy for business properties, office spaces, theatres, parking facilities, hotels, warehouses, or any other type of industrial, residential or commercial type of property to share parking spots and earn money. 

If you are currently constructing a property, in which the car park is already finished. Then you can share your parking flexibly during that period with Mobypark. At any moment you can lessen the number of spots or stop sharing altogether.

If you own an (apartment) building, you can share your parking for long or short term periods. We manage the customers and arrange online payments. While you receive a monthly report and monthly payout.

Whether you own or manage a single location with parking space, or a larger (international) portfolio, Mobypark helps you optimise your parking revenue.

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Mobypark is mentioned on KPMG's 

Real Estate Innovations Overview 2021

In the overview, Mobypark is mentioned as an innovator for Property and Facilitymanagment within the Mobility sector.

Sustainable Parking 

Real estate is responsible for about 40 percent of the world's CO2 emissions, which is why prioritizing sustainable development has come to be at the forefront of any real estate policy. Whether at an existing or newly built property. 

Parking should not be forgotten in these developments. In cities, people waste twenty minutes a day looking for parking. This leads to traffic jams and unnecessary CO2 emissions. At the same time, parked cars line the streets, while 50% of private parking capacity remains unused.

By sharing your parking on Mobypark, you contribute to a better city. Mobyparkers reserve unused spots and drive directly to their destination, optimising existing resources and minimizing time on the road. 

Did you know that sharing your parking facilities contributes to reaching your sustainability goals?

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Other properties 
working with Mobypark  

Short cases 

"We are very happy with our collaboration with Mobypark.
We know what we will get and

the results are good."

Access: IoT system with keypad provided by Mobypark

Usergroups: event & hotel guests, museum visitors, long term renters, renters from the shared offices

Bert Boer 
Facilities Coordinator
@ KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

"Through thorough research we choose Mobypark. Other parties were actually taking our regular parking customers."

Access: Integrated access existing system

: short and long-term locals and international tourists

Elwin Giel 
Director @ the Tower Leisure BV & Founder of The Penthouse (Hotel Apartments), The Hague

"Mobypark steps in to help build extra revenue and also to help make good use of our parking as part of our sustainability focus."

Access:  Mobypass IoT system with mobile key

Usergroups: event guests, tourists, long-term renters, co-office renters.

Roy de Weerd  
Head of Spaces,
@ Rockstart Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam

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