Long Term Parking Rotterdam

Voorburgstraat 200, Rotterdam

3037 BS, Nederland

Teka Groep

Risponde in 12 ore

Membro da Dec '19

Larghezza Max 1.90
Altezza Max 1.90

Descrizione del parcheggio

Imporant note: Please book at least 5-6 days in advance and read you confirmation email carefully before going to this location.

In this secure Rotterdam parking garage in Rotterdam North, near Zwart Janstraatl Bergweg and Eudokiaplein, you can reserve your parking for a longer period. This parking is an indoor underground parking lot with videosurveillance.

For only €100, a keycard to this secured spot will be send to your home address.

Why should you park here?
- Secured parking with 24/7 videosurveillance
- Great price!
- Central location

Informazioni di accesso

After booking this parking you will be sent a keycard by post, it will take a couple of days to arrive. You are then able to use this keycard to enter and exit the parking during the period of you booking. It is necessary to book at least 6 days in advance to be able to receive the keycard.


Dimensioni SUV Accesso 24/7 Video sorveglianza Accesso per i disabili Parcheggio illuminato