Mark's parkeerplaats

Stationsstraat 29, Utrecht

3511 EK, Nederland


Antwoordt binnen 12 hours

Lid sinds Jun '16

Breedte van de parkeerplaats 2.00
Hoogte van de parkeerplaats 2.00

Beschrijving parkeerplaats

This safe indoor parking place named Stationsstraat P4 is right below the central station of Utrecht. Your car is parked indoors on level -1 (residential parking area) and is behind two double gates, which both require a parking card to enter. This ensures the safety of your car. It is a very convenient parking which is accessible 24 hours / 7 days a week without any limits to go in and out during the day.

The parking lot has height limit of 2 meters.


Access to the parking is very easy and directly from the road Catharijnesingel. I will provide you with a key card that allows you to enter and exit as many times as you want during your reserved period.


SUV formaat Gehele dag toegang