Improve Urban Mobility and Increase your Parking Revenue

Optimise your parking lots, stimulate conscious travel, take cars off the street.
A better city for everyone.

Make your city more livable 

Green, spacious, bikes, and smiling people. That is what cities would look like if there weren't any cars parked on the street. Are you a hospital, museum, housing corporation, or any other type (semi)public organisation? Then you can make your city smarter and greener. All you need to do is share your car park on Mobypark.

The ambitions of Europe's governing bodies are clear. We need cities in which energy is used sparingly, where only sustainable energy is generated, and where raw materials and resources are reused. 

Join the movement, open up your parking to the public and make your city more livable.

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Earn up to €100.000 per property per year without any effort. 
Live performance of your car park with only verified users
State-of-the art IoT technology or API integrations.
European parking platform, based in Amsterdam (NL).

3 years in a row, Mobypark is selected as a

 Top 20 Smart City Company in Europe 

on Proptechmap top 100

Get more out of your parking garages

Mobypark is the parking platform for real estate owners to maximise their parking revenue with the least amount of risk and effort. Simply add your unused parking spots to Mobypark and acquire revenue from reliable local and international drivers.  

Easily start without any investments, we'll connect to your existing parking system, manage payments and supply more demand. Mobypark can also help you optimise your car parks with additional state-of-the-art parking technology through our strong partner network.

You can rent your parking capacity on Mobypark at times of under-occupation and attract unique user groups. Let our international marketing and support team do the rest. Curious how much of your properties' revenue is left untapped? 

Mobypark is included in KPMG's

Real Estate Innovations Overview 2021

Mobypark is a leading innovator for Property and Facility Management 
within the Mobility sector.

Be a Hero - Parking & SDGs 

Real estate is responsible for about 40% of the world's CO2 emissions. This is why prioritizing sustainable development has to be at the forefront of any real estate policy. Whether at an existing or newly built property. Parking should not be forgotten in these developments.

In cities, people waste twenty minutes a day looking for parking. This leads to traffic jams and unnecessary CO2 emissions. At the same time, parked cars line the streets, while 50% of private parking capacity remains unused.

Sharing your parking facilities contributes to reaching your Sustainable Development Goals.

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Mobypark is the first

Automotive Innovation Awards Winner 

The most innovative award in the mobility sector in the Netherlands.

Case study: Housing Corporation Amsterdam

How an Amsterdam-based housing corporation automated their parking and filled up their parking spaces.

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