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What would cities, such as Amsterdam and Paris, look like if there weren't any cars parked on the street? We think they would become greener and more livable for everyone.

You can help.
Include your parking part of your sustainability plan, reach your sustainable development goals and help your city! 

Share your parking

Together we help the city

Sharing your parking facilities contributes to reaching your growth AND sustainable development goals. Share your parking on Mobypark and help the city make the best use of space. Mobyparkers don't need to drive around searching for parking because they drive directly to their destination. 

In cities, people waste twenty minutes a day looking for parking. This leads to traffic jams and unnecessary CO2 emissions. 
At the same time, cities are flooded with cars parked on the street, while 50% of private parking capacity remains unused. This should change.

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Share your parking and achieve your sustainability goals.

How sharing your parking facilities contributes to reaching your sustainability goals

When writing sustainability goals for a business, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are globally acknowledged as a guide. Sharing your parking with Mobypark helps with the following sustainability goals:

(9.) Industry, innovation and infrastructure,
(11.) Sustainable Cities and Communities and
(13.) Climate Action.

Mobypark facilitates travel for an international community but has a local focus. Where the main concerns are to 'reduce the negative impact of travellers' and to 'improve the environment within cities'. 

Optimise unused 

Industry, innovation and infrastructure 

This SDG goal means to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. By sharing property, such as parking, less new infrastructure needs to be built to be able to cater to parking demands which contribute to less. Sharing parking is an innovative way to ensure that resources are used optimally.

Getting cars off the street 

Sustainable Cities and Communities 

This sustainable goal is set to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Sharing parking is a way to give an additional inclusive purpose to your current parking by opening it up to the public. It is a way for you, as a sustainable company, to contribute to less traffic and parking on the streets.

Sustainable travel & tourism

Climate Action 

A clear green goal: to take urgent action to combat climate change. People spend an average of 15-20 minutes per day searching for parking in cities. Which cause traffic jams and unnecessary CO2 emissions. Through Mobypark travellers reserve their parking so that they do not have to spend that additional time on the road. 

More ways to be sustainable

o     Mobypark improves the spread of traffic into cities by offering parking options with last-mile solutions. If you want to make your parking even more sustainable, you can share your empty parking spots at times they are unused.

o     Add electric charging points to your parking for electric vehicles (EV), if you don't have them already. Mobyparkers can filter the search results for parking locations with EV charging points. Do you already have an EV charging point? Add your parking so more users are able to find it!

o     Add a last-mile solution to your parking; by making it possible for people to use a scooter or bike when arriving at your destination or by offering a discount on public transport, you can help optimise traffic in cities even further

mobypark platform hotel dashboard

Easy Setup - Big Impact  

Connecting your car park is a convenient way to earn more revenue while working on your SDG goals and helping the city.

Get started renting out your parking spots today! 

If you have vacant parking spots, at any given moment,  
we are more than happy to help you share them.
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Who we help

We help organizations that have underutilized private car parks in cities and around airports.
We're best at filling a few up to around a hundred empty parking spots. Any company can be more green! 

Hotels & Hospitality 

Earn extra revenue and introduce your own services to Mobyparkers

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Other Real Estate

Maximize the returns of your assets for any type of real estate with a car park

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(Semi) Public Sector

Improve city mobility, take cars off the street, and optimise your car parks

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CEO Mobypark Jaap Sybenga

Jaap Sybenga


“We are on a mission to help cities by optimizing the parking capacity. Companies of all shapes and sizes are becoming more aware of the value of their resources. By sharing unused parking spots, they help travellers, the city and themselves. I am happy to change an entire industry together with forward-thinking partners from our community."

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Mobypark drivers can make use of your existing system to get access to the parking. Mobypark can also install an IoT (Internet of Things) device on top of your current parking system. Access to your parking is only provided to Mobyparkers within the indicated reservation period.
That is fine - You may close the parking or lower the number of spots which you offer on our platform at any given time.
Yes, you can cancel a booking up to 24 hours before the start of the booking.
You. Our parking experts use data to advise you on the best pricing strategy that is aligned with your own situation and plans.
Mobypark requires no extra work on your part. Simply give us a call or send us a message and we'll work out the specific details for your case. When everything is clear, we'll set you up so you can start earning additional revenue.