Earn revenue with unused 
parking spaces

Let verified Mobyparkers use your parking spots at times they are unused. Flexible, safe, and easy.

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How it works

Mobypark fills up your parking spots by making them available to verified Mobyparkers. Depending on your situation and preferences, we attract the right customers to make use of your parking. They easily book through our secured parking platform.

We like to keep it simple. Thanks to our fully automated online parking platform, you can do business as usual, whilst we focus on your parking. You can start without any investments, we'll just connect to your existing parking system. If needed, we can also help you with additional state-of-the-art parking technology.

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List your parking space for free

Rent your parking capacity on Mobypark at times of under-occupation and attract unique user groups who will thank you for it.

Optimise your parking 

Rent out your parking spaces without any investment at times they're unused. And let our international marketing and support team do the rest.

Flexible at all times 

Adjust the amount of spots, or change the availability whenever needed. We get the most out of your car park, but always within your limits.

Extra revenue without effort

You can earn over €100.000 per location per year without any effort. Let us do the hard work, you just reap the benefits and focus on your core activities.

How we help fill your parking

With our smart and targeted set of marketing channels, we fill your car park with verified local, national, and international travellers.


Who we help

We help organizations that have underutilized private car parks in cities and around airports.
We're best at filling a few up to around a hundred empty parking spots.

Hotels & Hospitality 

Earn extra revenue and introduce your own services to Mobyparkers

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Real Estate

Maximize the returns of your assets for any type of real estate with a car park

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(Semi) Public Sector

Improve city mobility, take cars off the street, and optimise your car parks

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Access to your car park can be automated with our IoT technology or API. We can even help you with complete parking systems. You can also start without installing anything.

Safety and Control 

We send reliable people to your parking, who go through different verification processes. You can see the performance of your car park and who's parking there at any time.


We take care of customer support in multiple languages. Of course, We are also there for you. We are easy to reach and always there to help you in case you need assistence.

Become a City Hero!

In cities, people waste twenty minutes a day looking for parking. This leads to traffic jams and unnecessary CO2 emissions. At the same time, parked cars line the streets, while 50% of private parking capacity remains unused.

Share your parking on Mobypark and help the city. Mobyparkers reserve unused spots and drive directly to their destination, optimising existing resources and minimizing time on the road. Did you know that sharing your parking facilities contributes to reaching your sustainability goals?

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Over 80 companies already generate additional revenue with their parking space 

What they say about Mobypark:

"We are very happy with our collaboration with Mobypark.
We know what we will get and
the results are good."

Bert Boer 
Facilities Coordinator @
KIT, Royal Tropical Institute Amsterdam

"Through thorough research we choose Mobypark. Other parties were actually taking our regular parking customers."

Elwin Giel 
Director @ the Tower Leisure BV & Founder of The Penthouse The Hague

"Working with Mobypark is a great opportunity to optimize revenue from one of our revenue centers, in a consistent manner. "

Maria Ghebresselasie 
General Manager 

@ Hilton Amsterdam

Join over 80 companies and
share your parking space on Mobypark!

With its easy setup, Mobypark provides you with a stream of passive income.
European parking platform, based in Amsterdam (NL)
Cloud based and encrypted. PCI, PSD2 and GDPR compliant
Helping 30+ cities and growing
Automated monthly payouts and reports


We're happy to meet you digitally or on location.

Niek Nijboer
Business Developer

Have a car park in the Netherlands that you are not filling up yet? I'll happily analyse your case!

Sierk Dankelman
Business Developer

Contact me to talk about the ins and outs of renting out your (hotel) parking.

Jaap Sybenga

Want to collaborate? Let me know! I'm happy to discuss possibilities.

Jeroen Blom
Head of Product

Are you looking for technical solutions for your car park? I'm happy to think along!

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Mobypark drivers can make use of your existing system to get access to the parking. Mobypark can also install an IoT (Internet of Things) device on top of your current parking system. Access to your parking is only provided to Mobyparkers within the indicated reservation period.
That is fine - You may close the parking or lower the number of spots which you offer on our platform at any given time.
Yes, you can cancel a booking up to 24 hours before the start of the booking.
You. Our parking experts use data to advise you on the best pricing strategy that is aligned with your own situation and plans.
Mobypark requires no extra work on your part. Simply give us a call or send us a message and we'll work out the specific details for your case. When everything is clear, we'll set you up so you can start earning additional revenue.