Hyatt Regency Amsterdam 's Parkplatz

Sarphatistraat 104, Amsterdam

1018 GV, Nederland

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Antwortet innerhalb 3 hours

Mitglied seit Jun '17

max. Breite 2.00
max. Höhe 1.80

Über diesen Parkplatz

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam welcomes you to its parking garage, a secure, closed and clean environment where you can leave your car with peace of mind.

Upon arrival at the hotel, a concierge will park the car for you in the hotel's parking space. The exclusive access to the parking space of the concierges means that this parking space is far more secure than other parking garages in Amsterdam.

Whenever you need your car, you can simply request it from the reception and they will park it in front of the hotel for you to use. When you would like to park your car again, you simply follow the same process as when you arrived.

The car will be parked in the indoor garage of the hotel itself. The Hyatt Regency has very good access to the city centre, being within walking distance of trams that will take you to the city centre within a few minutes. It is also within walking distance of some of Amsterdam East's best attractions, including Oosterpark, Artis Amsterdam Zoo and the Tropen Museum.

Zugang zum Parkplatz

This is valet parking, when you go to the carpark, the concierge of the hotel will park the car for you.

When you are back, the concierge will deliver your car.


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