Dine Differently: 8 Unique Places to Eat in Amsterdam

Discover some of Amsterdam’s most unique restaurants!
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Dine Differently: 8 Unique Places to Eat in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a city for food lovers. As a melting pot of diverse cultures from all over the globe, there are plenty of top restaurants in Amsterdam with all sorts of international flavours. Good food can be found everywhere in this city, but what about if you are looking for a truly unique dining experience which goes beyond simply food? Check out our top picks of unique places to eat in Amsterdam!

    1) C-taste

    Topping our list of unique places to eat in Amsterdam is C-taste, a dining experience you will never forget. As you are dining in pitch darkness and eating on a surprise-menu basis, this restaurant takes the experience of the senses to a whole new level. Unable to see anything at all, you depend on the visually impaired wait staff to guide you to your table in a hand-to-shoulder manner. If you need anything at all, calling the name of the waiter/waitress will bring them to your table. This dependency creates a special staff-customer connection which other restaurants fall short of having, and which truly makes the C-taste experience truly unforgettable.

    Tip: Reserve a table in advance and be sure to inform the staff about any food allergies/aversions you have.


    2) Restaurant Moon

    Located on the 19th floor of the iconic Amsterdam Tower (Amsterdam Toren), Restaurant Moon comes in second on our list of top restaurants in Amsterdam. As Amsterdam’s only revolving restaurant, it offers some of the most spectacular views of the city. The menu is classy and uncomplicated, with a choice of sophisticated dishes and course menus. The interior matches its modern concept and is also equipped with a stylish bar. Moon is certainly one of the most interesting places in Amsterdam and is a must for city view enthusiasts!

    Tip: Reserve well in advance, especially for bigger groups.

    3) MaMa Kelly

    If you’re fascinated by all things design, you will love MaMa Kelly, a recent addition to many lists of recommended places to eat in Amsterdam. The most striking aspect of this restaurant is its funky, pink interior, emphasised by artful and cleverly placed lighting. Though it has an entirely different interior from its other original location (located in the Hague), MaMa Kelly has kept its menu simple and consistent. As the MaMa Kelly website states, “It’s either chicken or lobster” (though they do have plenty of vegetarian options too).

    Tip: Follow MaMa Kelly’s Instagram account for some design inspiration, or simply if you love the colour pink!

    Parking tip: Are you staying in the area for a few days? Park at the Rai convention centre for just €15/day after day 1. One week of parking costs €75, a parking price unheard of in Amsterdam!

    pink restaurant

    Source: MaMa Kelly

    4) Katten Kopjes

    Though this place to eat in Amsterdam is more of a cafe than a restaurant, its permanent feline residents make it one of the cosiest, most heartwarming places to grab a bite to eat in the city. Though many bars and restaurants in Amsterdam have resident cats, no other cafe can compare to Kopjes. The cafe features comfortable couches, wall-bridges and perches for the cats, and a quiet, gentle atmosphere. Bookings last for 2 hours, so there is plenty of time for visitors to interact with the cats, enjoy the sweet and savoury treats, and sip on hot, delicious coffee. Puuuurrfect!

    Tip: Reserve in advance to guarantee a spot, and pay attention to the house rules.

    5) Gs

    Coming in 5th on our list of unique places to eat in Amsterdam is Gs, the trendiest brunch place in Amsterdam. Its experimental, U.S-inspired menu features dishes such as the ‘Chicken Waffle Burger’ and has arguably the best and choicest bloody mary selection in the city. What makes Gs even better is its brunch boat, promising a morning of delicious food and a great, social atmosphere while cruising around the beautiful Amsterdam canals.

    Tip: Ask for some Tabasco sauce with your bloody mary for that extra kick!

    6) Bazar

    Located on the famous Albert Cuyp street market, Bazar is a perfect half-way stop for lunch or an early dinner. Operating from a magnificent, former church, this top restaurant in Amsterdam is a colorful, loud mix of classic European architecture and Eastern flair. The dishes hail from Northern Africa and the Middle East, and the atmosphere is bustling and inviting. Waiters rush around with huge silver trays of food, spicy aromas fill the air, and glittering wall mosaics and coloured chandeliers complete the exotic feel. With main meals ranging from 10-16 Euro, Bazar won’t break the bank either.

    Tip: If you decide to order a starter, it’s advisable to share it with someone. The portions are huge!


    7) Ginger

    If you are looking for a more active, social dining experience, then Ginger is the place for you. It is the only restaurant in Amsterdam which is also a karaoke and cocktail bar. The restaurant has three private karaoke rooms where guests can sing, dine and drink to their hearts’ content. Located in the buzzing district of ‘De Pijp’ (the Pipe) and with a classic burger and steak style menu, it is certainly one of the most outgoing, cosmopolitan places to eat in Amsterdam.

    Tip: The rent of a private karaoke room is free if you have a minimum spend of 250 Euro on food and drinks. The small private room hosts up to 25 people, so the more the merrier!


    Source: Ginger

    8) The Avocado Show

    One of the much-talked about, more recently-opened restaurants in Amsterdam is The Avocado Show, a restaurant which focuses on visually appealing, avocado-themed dishes. For a breakfast, brunch, and lunch place, the drinks menu is surprisingly extensive, including drinks like prosecco, various cocktails, and spirits. The ingredients are grown in an environmentally responsible manner and the dishes are very healthy. Try ‘The Bun Burger’ if you want the full experience, one of the most popular and unusual dishes on the menu. The Avocado show is certainly unique and is one of the highlights of the Amsterdam restaurants scene.

    Tip: Reservations are not possible, so going with a large group is not advisable

    avocado dish

    Source: The Avocado Show

    All of these restaurants are located in and around the centre of Amsterdam. For heavily discounted, reservable-in-advance parking in Amsterdam, visit the Mobypark website.


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