Easy parking in Amsterdam

We tell you about convenient parking options in the centre of Amsterdam.
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Easy parking in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is known as one of the most expensive cities in Europe when it comes to parking. A nice drive to Amsterdam can prove to be quite costly. Yet there are affordable alternatives to your car park in Amsterdam in Pijp, Jordaan, Waterlooplein, and the Leidseplein. This blog will tell you about places in the centre of Amsterdam where you can park easily at cheaper rates.

Convenient parking in the centre of Amsterdam

Parking in the centre of Amsterdam is no fun. It is almost impossible to find a free parking spot and the prices for one day parking are too expensive. This money can instead be spent on other better things during your trip in Amsterdam. There are some alternatives to deal with the parking issue in Amsterdam and one of them is to reserve a parking space online. The biggest advantage of doing so is that you save on your parking charges. In addition, you know where you are going to park. Read below to find how to park your car in no time anywhere in the Rembrandtplein, the Leidseplein, or the Royal Palace in the centre of Amsterdam.

Parking at Leidseplein

A night out in the centre of Amsterdam? Then you should head to the Leidseplein, the nightlife centre of Amsterdam. Here you will find the Municipal Theatre, the Milky Way, the DeLaMar Theater, the desk, Paradiso and many other popular hangout spots. In addition to the numerous places for entertainment and food outlets, you will also find the Apple Store with Genius Bar. Moreover, from the Leidseplein you can walk through the centre of Amsterdam in the Leidsestraat.

But one can find inexpensive parking in Leidseplein by pre-booking a parking space. You will find pre-booking options for example at Marriott Hotel, two minutes away from Leidseplein, at prices starting from 4 Euros per hour - compared to 6 Euros in the street or public garages.

Convenient parking in De Pijp

When you mention Amsterdam and socializing in one sentence, you think of De Pijp. Cozy bars, restaurants, and cafes are located here and the students who live here make De Pijp one of the most happening parts of Amsterdam. In addition, De Pijp is also known for Andre Hazes, the always lively Albert Cuyp market, and the Heineken Experience which is located here. In the middle of De Pijp, you find the Sarphatipark. The popularity of the place also makes parking a big problem. The small streets inside of De Pijp are car-free and finding inexpensive parking nearby is no fun.

Inexpensive parking in Pijp can however, be made possible through the use pre-booking facility. So you can already book your parking for 19 euros for 24 hours where you are right in the middle of De Pijp.

Parking in the Jordaan

Jordaan, one of the Amsterdam's nicest neighborhoods and perhaps also one of the most famous, is a typical neighborhood where many tourists arrive. It is popular mainly because of the beautiful canals, the Anne Frank House, and the iconic Westerkerk. Moreover, the location is the birthplace of many famous Amsterdam singers. In addition to the many authentic shops and restaurants, Nine Streets is definitely worth a visit. Zigzagging through the Nine Streets is a true spectacle and in each of these streets you can find some fun elements.

Parking in Jordaan thus, may be difficult because the parking space is limited. Jordaan is located in the area A1 which is one of the most expensive parking areas of the city. Secure parking in Jordaan is possible by pre-booking your parking space online where you can already book for 35 euros for 24 hours.

If you are staying for a minimum of 3 days in the area, be sure to check out this Brouwersgracht parking. This only costs €75 for 3 full days.

Parking in Waterlooplein

Entertainment comes together at the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam as here are the Stopera, Carré Theatre, and Music Theatre located. In addition you will find the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Artis Zoo. There is also a flea market from Monday to Saturday. When in Waterlooplein, be sure to visit the Nieuwmarkt. Here you will find the Red Light District of Amsterdam, and also the Waag, a historical building of Amsterdam where you can enjoy a nice coffee or lunch in the sun. However, partly because of the busy intersection and also because of the presence of many shops, it is difficult to find inexpensive parking in the Waterlooplein and Nieuwmarkt.

If you decide to park at Waterlooplein or the Nieuwmarkt, you can find an economic alternative by making parking reservation in advance. This way you can park at walking distance from Waterlooplein for 22 euros a day.

Cheap parking in the centre of Amsterdam with Mobypark

Amsterdam and parking can be summed up in one word: expensive! However, inexpensive parking in Amsterdam is possible by pre-booking your parking space online. This way, you know in advance where you are going to park and also save up to 70% on your parking fees. Advance booking can be made in 3 simple clicks and save you a lot of time too.

Book your parking space in the centre of Amsterdam!

Parking in the area next to the central station? Also, check out this Kimpton de Witt Parking. Here you can park for only €18,50/day during weekdays.


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