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Everything went Ok except the communication with Hotel Reception.
I booked a paking for my electric car explicitly but reception said that I cant use EV point as its for other guests. I plugged in anyways, as I couldnt keep my car there for 4 weeks without putting it on charge.


Einfach Top...der Wagen stand in einer Tiefgarage...sicher und sehr günstig.
Würden wir sofort wieder buchen.


Excellent value near the airport. Even better with the mobypark website.


Best western plus was not even aware that this service existed and a lost a good 20´ of my time explaining the situation and proving that I paid for my parking. Luckily at the return it was the same person so it was easier. The bus 199 option to the airport is also quite terrible when you have an early morning flight because it’s not always driving at every moment like a shuttle bus would. The hotel was laying in a sort of industry zone and walking almost 10 min with luggages is truly not the best experience. I even had to take an Uber because I was tired of it all and my trip did not even start yet. I don’t think I will rekindle the experience with Mobypark because even though it’s cheap, adding to be costs of a taxi and public transport is almost the same than paying a parking at schiphol airport with shuttle service.


Personal sehr freundlich und professionell-
Der Platz ist sicher und sauber
ich empfehle das weiter