Hyatt Regency Amsterdam 's parkeerplaats

Spinozastraat 49, 1018 GD Amsterdam, Nederland

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam

Antwoordt binnen 3 hours

Lid sinds Jun '17

Breedte van de parkeerplaats 2.00
Hoogte van de parkeerplaats 1.80

Beschrijving parkeerplaats

Hyatt Regency Amsterdam welcomes you to its parking garage, a secure, closed and clean environment where you can leave your car with peace of mind

You will park your car in the indoor garage of the hotel itself. The Hyatt Regency has very good access to the city centre, being within walking distance of trams that will take you to the city centre within a few minutes. It is also within walking distance of some of Amsterdam East's best attractions, including Oosterpark, Artis Amsterdam Zoo and the Tropen Museum.


Drive to the garage, ring the intercom and the hotel will open the garage gate for you.


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