OELAN 's parkeerplaats

Van Diemenstraat, 1013 NH Amsterdam, Nederland


Antwoordt binnen 12 hours

Lid sinds Dec '22



24/7 toegang

Beschrijving parkeerplaats

The Van Diemenstraat parking spot is located at the beginning of the Silodam, close to the city center and Central Station.

The parking spot is underground and secure. It's designed to accommodate SUVs, so you can rest assured that your larger vehicle will fit comfortably within the designated parking spaces.

The parking is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it easy for you to access the many shops, restaurants, and attractions in the area. The surrounding neighborhood is bustling with activity, so there is always something to see and do. Whether you are visiting the city for leisure or business, this underground parking at Van Diemenstraat is the perfect choice for parking your vehicle safely and securely.


Access to the parking is granted via a transponder gate, which allows you to enter and exit the parking facility with ease.

The parking owner will provide the key of the gate upon drivers arrival.


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