Parking de l'aéroport Renaissance Schiphol

Meester Jac. Takkade 35, 1432 CB Aalsmeer, Nederland

Renaissance Schiphol

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Membre depuis Jun '20

Largeur max 2.50
Hauteur max 4.00

Description du parking

Travelling from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? Our Schiphol Airport Hotel offers safe parking spaces located next to the Amsterdamse Bos, just minutes from Schiphol Airport. Park your car here

Why should you park at the Renaissance Schiphol Airport parking?
- Free shuttle (runs between 06:00 – 00:00)
- Close to the airport
- Secluded and secure parking
- The parking is equipped with 6 electrical charging poles.

There is a 10% discount in our bar

Accès au parking

To get into the parking, the system reads the car registration after which the gate will open. You can then park anywhere in the parking.

To be able to leave, you first need to validate your ticket at the front desk after which you can scan this ticket at the exit.

Service de navette

For the shuttle please note that due to corona we currently have a maximum amount of passengers, therefore it is subject to availability and guests may be asked to wait for the next shuttle.

Passengers are required to wear a mask at all time in the shuttle (they must bring their own). We do not take bookings for the shuttle, it is first come first serve.

Find the shuttle schedule here.


1 jour € 9
2 jours € 18
3 jours € 27
4 jours € 36
5 jours € 45
6 jours € 45
7 jours € 45
8 jours € 54
9 jours € 63
10 jours € 72
11 jours € 81
12 jours € 90
13 jours € 90
14 jours € 90


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