Parking de Ahcene

Silodam 401, Amsterdam

1013 AW, Nederland


Répondre en 4 hours

Membre depuis Nov '16

Largeur max 2.00
Hauteur max 2.00

Description du parking

Very safe parking for rent in a very accessible area in Amsterdam, 2 kms from Central Station, and close to Westerpark and the popular Jordaan district. Rent period is minimum duration 1 day. Parking is underground, the car is brought through an automatic elevator system straight to its place, without having to drive it, so it is very safe and modern. You will have a remote control to open the box and drive inside and then get out of your car. Price is 17 euros/day and 80 euros/week or 240 euros/month.

Accès au parking

Remote key will be handed over during the period of rent and given back directly to me.

1) You open the box with the key/remote

2) You drive your car into the box

3) You get out of the car and press the button

4) The elevator system takes the car down to its place automatically.


Accès toute la journée

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