Parking de R.

Vondelweg 93, Rotterdam

3031 PV, Nederland


Répondre en 4 hours

Membre depuis Sep '18

Largeur max 3.00
Hauteur max 4.00

Description du parking

Parking space right in the city centre of Rotterdam, not far from the famous Market Hall. The parking is corralled by a fence, thus ensuring the safety of your vehicle. The parking space does not have a number, but it's the first one on the left when you enter.

Accès au parking

Access: remote control, operated by the owner (solely). Entrance and exit preferably in the morning and evening. In the evening no later than 8/ 8:30 pm and in the morning no earlier than 7 am. Other times can always be discussed - if possible we can arrange it.


Accès toute la journée

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