Parking Sloterdijk

Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station 's parking


• 1043 EHAmsterdam

walking 6 min 0.49 km
Bashar's parking

Cornelis van Rijplantsoen

1063 MCAmsterdam

walking 11 min 0.9 km
Alice's parking

De Leeuw van Vlaanderenstraat

1061 CNAmsterdam

walking 15 min 1.23 km
Nadia 's parking


1055 ABAmsterdam

walking 17 min 1.41 km
Zahia 's parking



walking 18 min 1.46 km
Jona's parking


1055 AAAmsterdam

walking 18 min 1.47 km
Amstd's parking

Jan Evertsenstraat

1061 XZAmsterdam

walking 21 min 1.75 km
KFC Amsterdam West's parking

Admiraal Helfrichstraat

1056 AAAmsterdam

walking 22 min 1.78 km
Chad's parking

Hendrik Werkmanstraat


walking 23 min 1.89 km
Valet parking B smart's parking

Den Brielstraat

1055 RVAmsterdam

walking 24 min 1.98 km
Anouk's parking

Andries Copierstraat

1061 ADAmsterdam

walking 25 min 2.05 km
Leonardo Hotel Amsterdam - Rembrandt parking 's parking


1057 PHAmsterdam

walking 25 min 2.07 km
Safar's parking

Jan van Duivenvoordestraat


walking 26 min 2.12 km
Ruben's parking

Piet Mondriaanstraat

1061 TNAmsterdam

walking 27 min 2.24 km
Luuk's parking


1057 NJAmsterdam

walking 29 min 2.41 km
Anna's parking


1058 ESAmsterdam

walking 31 min 2.52 km
Peter's parking

Groen van Prinstererstraat

1051 EPAmsterdam

walking 33 min 2.7 km
Sebastiaan's parking



walking 33 min 2.71 km
Harald 's parking


1051 MBAmsterdam

walking 33 min 2.72 km
Nicole 's parking


1051 MBAmsterdam

walking 33 min 2.73 km
Alex's parking

Van Hallstraat

1051 HEAmsterdam

walking 33 min 2.74 km
Inna's parking


1058 EBAmsterdam

walking 34 min 2.79 km
Guy's parking

Theodoor van Hoytemastraat


walking 34 min 2.8 km
Sterre's parking



walking 34 min 2.82 km
bob's parking



walking 34 min 2.82 km

Parking Sloterdijk

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The history of the village of Sloten, now known as the Amsterdam area 'Sloterdijk', is preserved by the old Petruskerk, the cemetery and some houses around it. Sloterdijk is now mostly a modern area. If you want to go to a wedding in the church or to one of the many companies, you'll have to look for a parking place. If you park with Mobypark, you can reserve a parking space in advance. Very quickly and easily. You can park at a hotel or a private person. What's more, you pay up to 70% less parking fee! So from now on, park with Mobypark. Do you have any questions? Call or email us, we will be happy to help you!

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Free cancellation

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Save money on parking

Save up to 60% cheaper compared to regular parking tariffs.

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We're here for you

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