Improving cities by making unused private car parks available to travellers

Mobypark improves mobility in and around cities by making unused private car parks available to travellers.

We facilitate efficient travel for an international community but have a local focus. Our main goals are to ‘reduce the negative impact of travellers’ while ‘improving the environment within cities’. We are committed to sustainability and carry this mission out through several key actions:

Through optimising unused space, we promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and innovation. Sharing parking means less new infrastructure needs to be built and that resources are used optimally. Using parking spaces that are already available means the city can create more green spaces rather than parking lots.

We get cars off the street by making unused off-street parking spaces available to drivers.

We are taking action to reduce CO2 emissions. On average, drivers can spend up to 20 minutes searching for parking in a city. This creates unnecessary traffic jams and extra CO2 emissions. By reserving parking at private parking spaces, travellers do not have to spend that additional time on the road.

As a parking sharing community we:

  • Optimise space
  • Get cars off the street
  • Reduce search traffic (=emissions reduction)
  • Spread traffic flows
  • Offer practical Park-and-Ride alternatives
  • Create last mile combinations (public transport, micro-mobility bikes scooters)

Increasingly our community is offering parking spots with electric chargers, which can be filtered in the search results. In the near future we will make it even more convenient to charge your car through Mobypark.

Together, we create a livable city.