How do I offer my parking space for rent?

Are you an individual? Do you own a private parking space that you don’t (always) use? Join the revolution of shared parking and rent it out via Mobypark!

To offer your parking space for rent, just click on our website on the button Offer my parking which you always see on top of each page. Becoming Mobypark member and offering your parking for rent is always free and very easy.

Now you can choose for what price and for which minimum duration you want to rent out your parking. You can also select the exact dates at which your parking is available and at which ones you need it yourself. Regarding choosing a rental price, we are happy to advise you on a reasonable price based on other rentals and parking tariffs in your neighborhood. For the minimum duration, we encourage you to try out also short periods or a couple of days only, as these are very popular among our users.

We review your parking offer and normally approve and publish it within 2-3 days. Once you start receiving reservation requests, you have always 24 hours to reply to them before they are automatically declined. The sooner you reply to reservation requests, the better the driver can prepare his trip.

Are you representing a company, hotel, public garage, university or a real estate company and you have parking space that is not fully occupied at certain times (during the night, day, or weekend) contact us to discover our solution that will generate extra revenue for your parking. Contact us at +31(0)20 2335400 or