How to get in contact with the parking owner?

Prior to making any booking request, all private car park owners that are not companies can be contacted through the Mobypark chat. If you open a parking listing page, you will find the option to send a chat message to the private owner, asking him/her your questions that you have regarding the parking space. Once you reserved the parking and the owner has confirmed your request, you receive the contact details of the parking owner in your confirmation email. You will also find them in your user dashboard by clicking on "contact" in the booking overview. Hence, once your request is confirmed, you can get in contact via the Mobypark chat, via Email or by Phone. For security reasons you cannot exchange your email address and phone number in the chat, the system blocks this automatically.

Company owners do not have the chat function. For any specific questions regarding the parking, you can contact Mobypark directly. Once you have reserved your parking, you can also contact the company itself by finding their contact details via a search engine.