What happens if I don't leave the rented parking space in time?

Mobypark encourages civility and mutual respect among members of the shared parking community. For more transparency and mutual trust, both drivers and parking owners can leave a review about their experience after the parking period ended.

For car parks that belong to individual parking owners, please stick to your reserved parking time. A short delay may happen, in this case, please notify the owner as soon as possible and find a solution together. However, in case you stay significantly longer without notifying the owner, you will be charged extra.

For company car parks, a short delay of maximum 30 minutes is tolerated. If you are delayed beyond that, we will automatically charge you the additional parking time per hour. Generally, if you realise that you need to extend your parking time, please make a new reservation for the additional parking period, as your spot may be booked by someone else already for that time.

In case of severe violations and disrespect of the agreement with the parking owner, penalties and the exclusion from the mobypark community may apply.