How do I receive the payment when I rent my parking space?

When a driver wants to rent your parking space, he will have to complete a reservation request for your parking on our website. Once he confirms his reservation request, we conduct a pre-authorization of his credit card. As soon as you accepted his request for your shared parking space, his credit card will be charged. Every Wednesday the payouts to all parking owners go out automatically for all reservations that ended between last Wednesday 11pm and this Wednesday 10.59 pm.

Out of the total amount for renting your parking space, Mobypark will charge a commission of 20% of the transaction excl. VAT. To give you an example:

You receive a reservation of 100€. Mobypark will charge the commission 20% plus the VAT of the commission.
In total for 100€ Mobypark will keep: 100€ x 20%= 20€.
VAT: 20€ x 21%=4,20€.
Total amount that Mobypark charges= 20€+4,20€ = 24,20€.

Total earnings for the owner: 100€ - 24,20€ = 75,80 €.

You must fill in the information concerning your bank details in your "Dashboard" > "Settings" area in order to receive your money.