How do I book a parking space?

In order to reserve a parking space you just need to take a couple of seconds to create a free account on on the website. You will be asked to complete your profile, but feel free to skip this step and continue with your parking research. You can also start with your parking search, and create your account while completing your reservation.

To find a suitable parking space, enter your destination in the search field as well as your arrival and departure dates. For instance, if you want to rent a parking space just for a couple of hours (the time to meet a friend for a coffee outside in the sun) that’s easily possible. You can also make a reservation for a couple of days in the city where you planned a weekend trip to, or you can reserve a parking space for as long as you need it.

Once you selected a suitable parking space, complete your reservation by filling in your details, and pay online via our secure system. You will receive all information immediately by email to access and park your car with peace of mind!

After you have parked, you can leave a review about your recent parking experience for other Mobypark members.