5 tips to rent out your parking more often

Do you have a free parking spot and you don't use it yourself? Read these five tips to rent out your parking spot more often and earn more money with your parking!
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5 tips to rent out your parking more often


Earn more money with your parking by following these five tips!

Yes, you decided to rent out your parking via Mobypark! You created an account, you uploaded your parking and your parking ad is live. Now it's time to make money with your parking. How? Read our five tips to receive more bookings for your parking offer.

1. Availability: Rent out your parking space only when it's available

A parking that is mostly available can obviously be rented out more frequently. In addition, it is also convenient to indicate to drivers when your parking is not available. This saves you time in receiving and refusing requests when your parking is unavailable and makes it easier for drivers to find a suitable parking space. You can opt to make your parking always available in your Mobypark account, or you can add certain availability rules to limit the availability. Is your parking not available for a certain period? Create availability rules for this period and ensure drivers only see it when it's available.

2. Pictures: Show your rented parking space

A picture paints a thousand words! When you provide your parking with three nice pictures, you can increase the amount of booking requests by 80%! When you upload your parking on Mobypark, we recommend choosing three pictures from different angles. To show the most useful information to drivers, we recommend to: 1) take a picture of the street, 2) the entrance of the parking and 3) the parking spot itself. This allows drivers to have a proper image of what they can expect when they arrive at the parking. It generates trust among users and increases the chance that your parking will be booked. Urban Residences Rotterdam parking is a good example of a parking lot with very clear, relevant photos.

parking lot

3. Price: Provide competitive pricing for your rented parking space and make more money!

Whenever I upload my parking, what price should I charge? We make suggestions for the rental price of your parking. You can rent it out per day, per week or per month. Not sure which price to ask? Check our platform to see the prices other Mobypark renters set and try to be competitive. Drivers are more likely to book cheaper parkings. Moreover, you can check what prices are charged in your area for on-street parking. If you have just started renting out your parking, we recommend to start with a lower price to attract your first customers and collect some great reviews!

4. Special features: What makes your rented parking space different?

On the Mobypark platform, you are also able to indicate the features your parking has. Is it an indoor parking, is there 24/7 CCTV surveillance, can you charge your electric car and are disabled people able to make use of your parking? These special features help to persuade interested users and may just be the deciding factor for users over your competitors!

5. Reviews: Make sure yours is a 5 star rented parking space!

Like on every market place, having good reviews is of great importance. When someone wants to use a service, they look very often at former customer experiences and read about what others have to say. Reviews are honest, straightforward and therefore of major importance to receive bookings. Within the Mobypark community, both the renter as well as the parking owner can leave a review. When you as a parking owner had a good experience with someone who used your parking, please make sure you write a good review and reward the renter with five stars. This will increase the chance of the renter using your parking again. Muijen's profile is a good example. Muijen asks his users actively to leave a review. Since Muijen started asking actively for people to leave a review, he noticed that he received more and more bookings periodically.

Marcel's parking in Amsterdam is another example of a highly trusted Amsterdam parking lot. Marcel's parking has only ever received 5 star reviews!

parking space 5 stars

You can build a good status with good reviews. Whenever someone makes use of your parking, we advise you request them to leave a review. A good status within the Mobypark community means it is highly likely that your parking will be booked more often. Furthermore, it also fun to read how people experienced your service!

Start earning extra money!

Already convinced? Incorporate these five tips into your parking detail page and start earning even more with Mobypark


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