Renting out your parking space on Mobypark - the story of Johnny, a car park owner in Paris

Curious how it is to rent out your parking space on Mobypark? Read this interview with Johnny: a car park owner in Paris.
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Renting out your parking space on Mobypark - the story of Johnny, a car park owner in Paris


Even though Paris is known for its wide avenues and elegantly designed buildings, it is also a city where it can be quite difficult to park! Fortunately, there are people who offer to help by sharing their unoccupied parking spaces.

By sharing their parking space, owners can earn a little extra while drivers have to spend less time on the busy French roads finding a spot. This means less CO2 pollution and a healthier city environment! While at the same time helping people out who are new to the city.

Mobypark went to Paris to meet these car park owners and interview them about their experience as Mobypark car park owners. Perhaps you are thinking about renting out your parking on Mobypark or perhaps you are simply curious how it is to rent out your car park in Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, Brussels or another European city?

This third week's parking owner: Johnny!

Cafe paris Mobypark owner interview

Being a parking owner on Mobypark

Jessie from Mobypark : Would you like to tell me about your experience as a parking owner on our platform ?

Johnny, parking owner : I like the proximity and responsiveness I have with the Mobypark team. I like the concept. I had the chance to take part in a report that was made on Mobypark. It's easy to use for both users and owners. I even wanted to invest in a new parking lot near the property.

What is binding is the handing over of the keys to the tenants. I'm not always available to hand them over. So, my parking is available but I can't always be there.

People often feel like we are at their disposal, that we are waiting for them. They book the parking lot but do not necessarily arrive at the time scheduled in the reservation. They don't anticipate the dense traffic of the city of Paris and often arrive late. It can be complicated sometimes.

keys  Mobypark owner interview

Advantages of being a car park owner on Mobypark

Jessie from Mobypark : What would you say is nice about being a parking owner on Mobypark ?

Johnny, parking owner : I like the reactivity of the team and the proximity that exists between the company and the owners. If I had to give a mark to Mobypark I would give a mark of 8 because I am very satisfied with the service. Renting my parking on Mobypark brings me more money than if I had rented it using more basic, classic tools.

Some remarkable experiences

Jessie : In four years of renting your parking space on our platform, is there one experience that you retain more than others that you would like to share?

Johnny : In 4 years of experience on the site, most of the bookings have gone well. What impressed me the most was the report I was able to participate in.

Camera Mobypark owner interview

Clients from all around Europe !

Jessie : Where do your clients come from ?

Johnny : Most of them are coming from the Netherlands and Germany. I also have french clients, but I would say they are the most “demanding” ones because they expect you to wait for them.

Roadtrip Mobypark owner interview

A very satisfying experience !

Jessie : if you were to evaluate Mobypark's overall service with a score between 1 and 10, 10 being the highest score, which one would you give?

Johnny : If I were to rate Mobypark's service and customer support, I would give it an 8 out of 10 because I am satisfied. I appreciate the closeness and responsiveness I have with the Mobypark team. I am very satisfied with the service.

If you are going to visit Paris, you can of course rent Johnny's parking. When you're planning to visit France, don't miss the latest blog on the 5 ways to travel in France on a Budget !

Thinking about renting out your own car park in France? Or maybe even in another country? Do not hesitate to rent it out on Mobypark.

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