Renting out your parking space on Mobypark - the story of Pascal, a car park owner in Paris

Curious how it is to rent out your parking space on Mobypark? Read this interview with Pascal: a car park owner in Paris.
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Renting out your parking space on Mobypark - the story of Pascal, a car park owner in Paris


Even though Paris is known for its wide avenues and elegantly designed buildings, it is also a city where it can be quite difficult to park! Fortunately, there are people who offer to help by sharing their unoccupied parking spaces.

By sharing their space, owners can earn a little extra while drivers have to spend less time on the busy French roads finding a spot. This means less CO2 pollution and a healthier city environment! While at the same time helping people out who are new to the city.

Mobypark went to Paris to meet these car park owners and interview them about their experience as Mobypark car park owners. Perhaps you are thinking about renting out your parking on Mobypark or perhaps you are simply curious how it is to rent out your car park in Paris, Marseille, The Hague, Berlin or another European city?

In the coming three weeks, you will be able to read about a different car park owner in Paris each week. This second week's owner is Pascal!

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Being a parking owner on Mobypark

Jessie from Mobypark : You have been a Mobypark parking lot owner for eight years now. If you had to sum up your experience as such in a few words, what would you say? How does it feel?

Pascal, parking owner : Usually, everything is going well! I used to meet each of my clients in person since I was handing the key over personally. It allowed me to explain everything. But the more time was passing, the more I was receiving requests. Since I am working, I can’t always be there, so I bought a key box so they can get the key themself. At first I was afraid people wouldn't put the key back in the key box. But everything is going well.

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What did you learn while renting out your parking spot?

Jessie : Beyond the fact that you earn money by renting out your unused parking space, what benefit do you get from being a parking owner on Mobypark?

Pascal : People often have the impression that we are at their disposal, that we are waiting for them. They book the parking lot but do not necessarily arrive at the time scheduled in the reservation. They don't anticipate the dense traffic of the city of Paris and often arrive late. Sometimes they don’t even let me know.

But I am used to it now, so I anticipate myself 1 or 2 hour extra of delay. And since I have the key box, it is not really a problem anymore.

Some memorable experiences...

Jessie: In 8 years with Mobypark : is there an experience that stands out more than the others?

Pascal: One day, one of my clients broke down in the parking lot. The battery in his car had run out because he had left his lights on. And my next customer was about to arrive. Luckily, there were electricians working in the parking lot who helped him.

One time, one of the customers put the key to the parking lot back in a mailbox that wasn't mine. I had a lot of trouble retrieving it, but luckily I didn't have a reservation at the time.


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Clients from all around the world !

Jessie : Where do your clients come from ?

Pascal : I mainly receive clients from the north of France: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg... But I had the opportunity to receive Americans and Russians who arrived by plane but visited Paris by car.


A very satisfying experience !

Jessie: What would you say is nice about being a parking owner on Mobypark ?

Pascal: If I had to give Mobypark customer service a grade from 1 to 10, 10 being the best grade, I would give a 9 because I am quite satisfied. The service is friendly and responsive. I am happy with it.

If you are going to visit Paris, you can of course rent Pascal's parking. When you're planning to visit France, don't miss the latest blog on the 5 ways to travel in France on a Budget !

Thinking about renting out your own car park in France? Or maybe even in another country? Do not hesitate to rent it out on Mobypark.

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