What to do when in Maastricht?

The perfect guide for a day in Maastricht. Read about the nicest activities, sights, places to get food and drinks in Maastricht and how to get to this beautiful city.
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What to do when in Maastricht?


When you want to go back in time, a day in the historic Maastricht can't be missed on your bucket list. At every new corner you'll find beautiful age-old buildings, each with its own story. Besides the rich history, Maastricht has a lot more to offer; go shopping in trendy boutiques, have a bite to eat at nice cafes or enjoy a specialty beer on the terrace.

There is plenty to do in Maastricht! Don’t know where to start? Read our tips for the best sights, activities, places to eat and drink and how to get there.


If you go to Maastricht for a day you are guaranteed to end up at the Vrijthof square. This is the largest square in the centre of the Limburg capital. Walking either from or to the Vrijthof square you can find some of the nicest sights that Maastricht has to offer.

St. Servatius bridge

When arriving to the city by train you will cross the St. Servatius bridge on your way to the city centre. It is only a 10-minute walk from the station to the Vrijthof square and you will for sure cross the river the Maas via the St. Servatius bridge. The bridge was originally a 13th-century stone arch bridge and you should make sure to stop for a second while you're walking over it.

St. Servatius bridge Maastricht parking


If you feel up to going for a small detour on your way to the city centre, then make sure to walk past the Helpoort. The Helpoort is a former city gate and gives the feeling like you’re back in the 13th century. From the Helpoort you can reach the Vrijthof square within a 10-minute walk.

Helpoort Maastricht parking

Sint Jans church and Basilica of St. Servatius

On the Vrijthof square you will find both the Sint Jans Church and the Basilica of St. Servatius, also known as the ''church twins''. Both are well worth the visit. For one of the richest treasure chambers in Europe you can go to St. Servatius Basilica. If you want a special view of the city, it is possible to climb the tower of the Sint Jans church in the summer, which results in a beautiful view over the city.

Sint Jans church and Basilica of St. Servatius Maastricht parking

As you can imagine, you can admire these previous mentioned sights on your own, but it is even more fun to do this in an active way. In this case you have a number of options; do a sporty bike tour, take a city walk or make it a luxurious tour and see Maastricht by boat.


Besides seeing the city and it’s beautiful architectural sites, Maastricht offers a lot more fun activities and experiences which you could participate in.

Maastricht Underground

If you are looking for a very special experience, you can take a guided tour at Maastricht Underground. This activity will get you deep underground. Would you like to explore the caves with scooters or would you prefer a private tour? Everything is possible. Maastricht Underground offers all kinds of fun tours for every age. Be sure to take a look at their website to see which tour appeals to you the most.

Maastricht Underground parking

Source: Bezoek Maastricht


The Bonnefantenmuseum is a museum for visual arts. The museum exhibits mainly medieval sculpture, southern Dutch painting and modern art. The museum has varying exhibitions. There is something for everyone!

Shopping in Maastricht

When you're in Maastricht you should go shopping. From large retail chains like the H&M to small unknown boutiques and from vintage to chic. The shopping in Maastricht is lovely! Don't forget to take a break to have a drink at one of the many cosy terraces.

Shoppen Maastricht parking

Source: Nu.nl

Food and drinks

After all the sights and activities you will probably feel a bit peckish. Fortunately, Maastricht has several really nice restaurants, pubs and bars to meet your needs.

Eatery de Zwaan

Of course, you can't miss out on Limburg's best eatery. Come and have breakfast, lunch or dinner and let the hustle and bustle of the city pass you by. Have a nice Dutch or Belgian specialty beer on the terrace while enjoying the spring or summer sunshine. Order the "Mestreechs Zoervleis", better known as a stew, and you'll feel right at home.

Beer tavern De Gouverneur

For a touch of Belgium in the Netherlands, you can go to the beer tavern De Gouverneur. This burgundian tavern is located on the Markt square and is very suitable to settle at after a day out in Maastricht. Take a nice ''hoppas'' (small dishes) in combination with your favourite specialty beer and imagine yourself in Belgium for a while. With a choice of up to 250 Belgian specialty beers there is something for everyone.


Next to the Belgian atmosphere at De Gouverneur, Vino&Friends is a nice Italian recommendation. As the name suggests, they serve mainly wine instead of specialty beers. Enjoy the modern Italian cuisine and choose one of the 350 different wines. When it's summer, you can enjoy the beautiful terrace that this restaurant has to offer.

Vino&Friends Maastricht tips

Source: Topspots

Pieke Potloed

If you really want to eat like a local, go to Pieke Potloed. In the middle of the centre of Maastricht, on the Vrijthof square, you will find this bar-bistro, which is still quite unknown. Enjoy typical regional dishes from Maastricht and Limburg in combination with Pieke Potloed's own beer; Pieke's Bloont. It's not for nothing that this is eating like a local, because the menu is written in Limburgs; the own language of this region.

Pieke Potloed Maastricht tips

Source: Bezoek Maastricht


If we're talking about special locations then the Kruisherenrestaurant is definitely one. This restaurant is located in the nave of the church of the Kruisherenhotel Maastricht. The classic stained-glass windows will give you the feeling that a church choir is about to start singing. This is an experience like no other!

Kruisherenrestaurant Maastricht parking

Source: Oostwegel collection


To make this guide complete, the transport to and in Maastricht can't be missed.

Public transport

For public transport to and in Maastricht you can consult 9292. If you plan to take the train to this city, it is always recommended to also check with the NS to make sure that they are not working on the railways on your route. Tip: At Kruidvat you can sometimes buy cheap train tickets; which can save you a lot of money!

Furthermore, don't forget the previously mentioned walking routes, bike tours and boat trips, they are very nice to get around by.


Are you planning on coming to Maastricht by car? Book your parking space in advance at Mobypark. If you want to park close to the station consider parking with private owner Andy. Would you rather be a little closer to the Vrijthof? Then you can let the Kruisherenhotel park your car in their safe indoor parking. Or park yourself at the Maastricht Centre Parking, which is a bit cheaper.

So what to do in Maastricht?

Don't worry too much and enjoy all the nice things Maastricht has to offer! Then, after you end up on the couch once you’re back home, take "a day in Maastricht" off your bucket list.

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