5 party destinations to visit from Paris Orly Airport

Mobypark proposes 5 summer party destinations to visit from Paris Orly Airport for your next vacation.
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5 party destinations to visit from Paris Orly Airport


Summers is all about parties, beaches, festivals, and sunny celebrations. Before the lovely summer season comes to an end, We propose you 5 destinations to party, hang out and enjoy the sun to the fullest. All these destinations are conveniently accessible from the Orly airport in Paris.

1. Ibiza

Ibiza is synonymous to outdoor parties, boat parties, beach clubs, and never-ending fun. Discover the incredible ambience of Ibiza with the festivities that animate the island during the summer. The summer season comes to an end with a number of grand closing parties. These parties take place over the course of several weeks between September and October. With a variety of themes and venues to choose from, you are sure to find your own kind of celebration. Many local festivals and especially the techno parties in Ibiza are well-known throughout the world. Expect around € 600 for a round trip from Orly Airport in Paris.

2. Budapest

Head to the beautiful Budapest from Orly Airport with prices starting from 120 € for a round trip. From cultural events to wine festivals to amazing boat parties, there is a lot to explore in the charming capital of Hungary. The city has a strong party culture and each year many extravagant festivals are organized. Budapest is also popular for its natural thermal springs and so you can expect to join some awesome spa parties or 'Sparty'. Apart from this, the 'kerts' or the pop-up bars and garden bars are interesting options to hang out for the party animals. If you wish to party hard with friends, Budapest is the one of the best places to target.

3. Koh Samui

Who does not know the Full Moon parties? From Orly airport you can reach Koh Samui for an amazing experience! This is one of the most legendary festivals in Asia which attracts visitors from all around the world. Every Full Moon, thousands of young people collect on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. Music of all different genres will be heard playing and so there is no chance of disappointment. The brilliant display of fireworks set right tone for the festive night. If you wish to be part of the, you will be spending around 1300 euro for a return trip from Orly airport.

4. Berlin

Berlin is a one of the best places to party in summers. Berlin has some of the most fantastic clubs such as Loftus Hall, Duncker, the Salon zur Wilden Renate and the Arena Club. With the Musikfest that is held during September, begins the season of concerts in the city. Some of the world's biggest orchestra bands perform during the event. There are many other festivals to look forward to in Berlin, the most famous being the Oktoberfest that begins in late September. Expect to pay about € 230 for a round trip getaway starting from Orly airport.

5. Malta

Malta offers various distinct places to party for the night owls. In the heart of Paceville, which is extremely popular for its nightclubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants, party lovers will be spoilt for choice. You also have the choice to explore the dance clubs located in the remote locations of Malta. The clubs and bars in St. Julians are very popular with the locals as well as tourists.. Visit Malta from Orly airport to enjoy the festive atmosphere that prevails there. For a total of about 200 € fly to Malta from Orly Airport in Paris.

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