Radisson Blu Zurich 's parking

Flughafenstrasse , Zurich

8058, Suisse

Radisson Blu Zurich

Responds within 12 hours

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Max width 3.00
Max height 3.00

Parking description

Mobypark offers you the parking of Radisson Blu Hotel Zurich Airport - the most convenient way of parking directly at the International Airport of Zurich.
Are you travelling from Zurich Airport for business or leisure? Parking at Radisson Blu Hotel is a convenient and low-cost solution for everyone. The hotel is directly connected to the airport, hence you will reach the terminal in a few minutes by walking from the car park. The car park is 24/7 secured via a video surveillance system and security personnel. Parking your car here will ensure you peace of mind during your trip.

Parking at Zurich Airport in the most convenient and cost efficient way at Radisson Blu Airport Hotel through Mobypark.

Access information

In order to access the parking of the Radisson Blu Zurich Airport, you have to follow precisely those instructions:

The parking of the Radisson Blu is in P1 on the 8th floor.

1. - Drive trough the arrival section and follow the signs indicating P1. Enter P1 by taking a ticket at the barrier.

2. - Please drive up to the 8th floor and follow the signs leading to the Radisson Blu Hotel parking spaces on the left hand side.

3. - Enter your ticket into the machine and take it out again. Your ticket will now show “PI G8” on it.

4. - Park your car on any free parking space and access the hotel through the passage.

5. - Once you have parked your car (or when you come back from your trip), please go to the reception of the hotel to validate your ticket by showing your Mobypark booking confirmation.

Shuttle service

The parking is located in walking distance to the terminal.



1 day € 35
2 days € 70
3 days € 105
4 days € 140
5 days € 175
6 days € 199
7 days € 199
8 days € 234
9 days € 269
10 days € 304
11 days € 339
12 days € 374
13 days € 398
14 days € 398


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