Walid's parking

Westerdoksdijk 435, Amsterdam

1013 BX, Netherlands


Responds within 1 hours

Member since Jun '16

Max width 2.00
Max height 1.80

Parking description

€21/per day 6m2 - Parking for Rent - Amsterdam (Amsterdam)

Parking for rent minimum duration 2 days.Parking is underground, very modern and safe. Available immediately. You will have a remote control to open te gate and drive inside. It belongs the a modern building. The address is Westerdoksdijk 435.Price is 300 euros per month Available immediately.
during your rent period you can use the remote key. When the rent duration ends you would need to give this remote key back.

Access information

remote control

How to enter by car into the garage

1- get close by car to the garage metallic door.

2- put the magnetic key on the front window

3- the door will open

4- wait for the green light signal to get in by car.

5- if it remains red it means there is another car trying to get out at the same time, so you would need to get backward by car to give priority to the car getting out of the garage.

How to get out of the garage

1- reach the 2 white line on the floor and stop the car.

2- swipe the magnet on the bar from the driver side (left side)

3- wait for the green light signal

4- once green drive the car out.


SUV size 24/7 access Video surveillance

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