By car to Brussels: Brussels parking, the Low Emission Zone and other practical tips

Travelling to Brussels by car? Check out these tips about the Low Emission Zone, vehicle registration and other practical information about parking in Brussels Centre.
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By car to Brussels: Brussels parking, the Low Emission Zone and other practical tips


Brussels is an incredibly beautiful city to visit. In just one day it is possible to visit the Grand Place square in the centre of Brussels, see the famous Manneke Pis statue, and enjoy a beer and chocolate tour in Brussels. Due to its location, it is also easily accessible by car!

Are you considering going to Brussels by car? This guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Vehicle Registration in Brussels

When you drove to Brussels, it used to be mandatory to register your car in advance. If you failed to register your vehicle before driving to Brussels, then you risked a fine of up to €150! Luckily, since the summer of 2019 this rule was cancelled. At this moment, you do not have register your car anymore if you are planning to go to Brussels.

Are you prepared for the drive to Brussels?

Driving to Brussels means taking a trip that is likely longer than you or your car is used to, so make sure your car is in good condition. Check the tyre pressure and top it up at a petrol station if needed. You can even have your car checked in advance at a garage if you want to be 100% prepared.

Do you have experience with cars and do you know already know what you need? Then we recommend buying those spare parts from They have a technical service that can help you with your questions, too.

Brussels Low Emission Zone

Since 2018, the vast majority of Brussels lies within the Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The Ring (R0) is not part of the LEZ, but almost everything within the ring road is.

Photo source: LEZ website

Many vehicles are forbidden to enter the LEZ, as the amount of emissions they emit exceeds certain limits. Check this list to find out if your car is allowed within the LEZ. Entering the LEZ with a vehicle which is not permitted risks a fine of €350. Areas within the LEZ usually display the following signs:

Source: LEZ website

Cheap parking in Zaventem

Perhaps you have just discovered that your vehicle is not permitted in the LEZ: what next? The official LEZ website recommends parking at one of the P+R spots just at the edge of the LEZ. Another option is to use Mobypark to park conveniently and at a low price in Zaventem just outside the LEZ. From here you can easily catch one of the available means of public transport to the city centre. The price for parking here starts from 8 euros per day!

Brussels Centre Parking

If your car is allowed in the LEZ, then you should be aware that parking in Brussels functions according to certain Brussels parking zones. For example, you can park in a blue zone from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a parking disc for a maximum of 2 hours. Each zone works differently.

In order not to worry about this, it is advisable to park at a P+R or to choose a Mobypark parking in the centre of Brussels. Book a private parking space in advance and be assured that you have a safe and cheap parking space in the centre of Brussels.

Plan Brussels activities

Do you still need inspiration for Brussels activities? Airbnb, Cheese Web & The Travel Tester provide plenty of great tips! Are you travelling to Brussels with children? Then take a look at Visit Brussels for ideas which are great for the whole family.

Public transport in Brussels

If you plan to travel in Brussels by public transport, plan your trip via the Brussels public transport website, La Stib.

Get ready for your trip to Brussels!

After registering your car, planning your route, arranging a parking space and having a good idea of what you want to do in Brussels, make sure you have everything you need for a fun trip.

Be prepared with:

- a list of your favourite songs to sing along to on the way there

- a few bottles of water

- some snacks for the car, such as fresh vegetables with hummus, popcorn, sandwiches or ricecakes with avocado

- your favourite person/people

Mobypark wishes you a fantastic Brussels trip!

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