​4 reasons to rent a bike in Amsterdam

Renting a bike in Amsterdam is undoubtedly the best way to discover the city. Here are the 4 reasons why you should rent a bike in the dutch capital city...
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​4 reasons to rent a bike in Amsterdam


1. For your health and the planet

You already all know this sport: biking is one of the sports anyone can do! Indeed, unlike running, it doesn't create micro-trauma to your ankles, knees or other joints. Instead, it's very beneficial for your endurance. Plus, who wouldn't prefer breathing the fresh air of Amsterdam rather than the conditioned one inside his car ?

Eventually, choosing to rent a bike to visit Amsterdam is choosing to protect the environment: a very significant behavior in a city that sits 2 meters below sea level!

2. You can go anywhere you like, way faster!

You cannot imagine how many beautiful and cute pedestrian streets there are in Amsterdam. And these streets are what makes Amsterdam a charming city. If you are in Amsterdam for a weekend, you can easily see the whole city thanks to your bike! So go and bike around in the Jordaan neighborhood!

3. More convenient, avoid the traffic!

With 750,000 inhabitants and the dynamism of this capital, you can imagine that the traffic density is significant, especially as the streets are quick narrow. Furthermore, the city is evolving towards the development of public transports: pedestrian streets with tramways and fewer parking spots. Finding a parking spot is, by the way, one of the biggest issues drivers have to face, which is the reason of those very expensive daily prices (around 60€). Fortunately we have good tips for you to find convenient and affordable parking spots (see the link at the end of this article)! In any case, with your bike you won't have any parking issue, and you will avoid the traffic!

4. Be a real Amsterdammer!

With more than 600,000 bikes for 750,000 inhabitants, needless to say that the first mean of transportation is the bike. Thus, if you want to live like a local and rent a bike in Amsterdam, we advise you to rent it on BimBimBikes, where you can find bikes for 7€/day, while it's generally around 13€/day. Once you'll have your bike, you'll be able to enjoy the 400km of bike paths, and you'll see by yourself that cycling is the best way to explore Amsterdam.

The last tip

If you plan to come to Amsterdam by car, as we've told you, it's very difficult to find a parking spot in the city center, and chances are that the price per day will be very expensive. But don't worry, we've prepared an article for you to give you THE best tips to find an affordable parking spot in the city center of Amsterdam. You will be able to let your car in the parking and enjoy the city with your bike!


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