Waffle Wonderland in Brussels: Where to find the best waffles and convenient parking

Discover the best waffles in Brussels and stress-free parking options in our waffle wonderland guide. Unearth iconic waffle establishments and embark on a delicious journey with convenience!
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Waffle Wonderland in Brussels: Where to find the best waffles and convenient parking


Welcome to a waffle lover's paradise in Brussels! In our quest to discover the best waffles the city has to offer, we've unearthed a selection of waffle establishments that promise an enchanting and enriching waffle experience. From iconic Belgian classics to innovative twists on the traditional waffle, Brussels offers a smorgasbord of waffle wonders. But we understand that parking in the heart of the city can be a challenge. That's why we've also uncovered convenient parking options, ensuring your journey to waffle bliss is as stress-free as it is delicious. So, without further ado, let's embark on a waffle adventure that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving for more!

1. Maison Dandoy: A Waffle and Speculoos Paradise in Brussels

Maison Dandoy, an iconic Belgian establishment, has been delighting Brussels for centuries. Founded in 1829 and currently in its seventh generation, Maison Dandoy is celebrated for its unwavering commitment to tradition and quality. Specialising in both waffles and speculoos cookies, their range is a testament to their dedication, including a choice between two Belgian classics: the syrupy and soft Liège waffle and the crispy, square-shaped Brussels waffle known for its ethereal lightness. Customers are welcome to customise their own delectable waffle masterpieces with their wide range of toppings, including chocolate, whipped cream, icing sugar, raspberry, strawberry and, of course, speculoos. With multiple locations, including one near the Grand Place, Maison Dandoy invites both locals and tourists to savour the essence of Belgian culinary heritage, whether for a quick on-the-go treat or a cosy sit-down experience.

best waffles in Brussels: Maison DandoySource: Maison Dandoy

But wait, there's more to sweeten the deal at Maison Dandoy! Simply book your parking spots in advance through Mobypark, and with all the parking trouble out the window, all you have to do is savour the delightful flavours awaiting you at Maison Dandoy in the heart of Brussels. If you’re visiting their oldest shop Maison Dandoy Grand Place, Parking Van Artevelde Brussels is just a breezy 10-minute walk away. Or, if you’re paying the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert a visit, consider booking a spot at Parking Brussels Central Station - St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral Bruxelles for an easy 8-minute walk to the Mainson Dandoy Galeries shop inside the iconic shopping mall.

If you’re visiting some of their other locations, check out these nearest parkings below!

Maison Dandoy – Buls

Parking Central Station Brussels: 9-minute walk away

Maison Dandoy – Louise

Parking Porte de Hal and Palais de Justice: 6-minute walk away

Maison Dandoy – Sablon

Parking Brussels-Chapel Station: 5-minute walk away

2. Waffle Factory: Where Your Wildest Waffle Dreams Come True

Waffle Factory offers a delightful waffle journey with sweet and savoury options that satisfy all cravings. Renowned for their quality and taste, their Brussels and Liège waffles are just the beginning. Toppings like classic chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream have captured hearts, while savoury enthusiasts appreciate their chicken waffle. With over 30 locations across Belgium and France, their central Brussels spot on Rue du Lombard, near the Grand Place and Manneken Pis, provides a convenient and cosy waffle experience. Don't forget to pair your waffles with coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the full, delightful experience loved by waffle enthusiasts.

best waffles in Brussels: Waffle FactorySource: Waffle Factory

If you’re still worried about parking in Brussels, don’t be! Just a 7-minute walk away, Parking Brussels-Chapel Station offers a convenient spot to park your vehicle, making your trip to waffle wonderland even more enjoyable. Effortlessly secure your spot in advance and don’t fret about parking woes when indulging in these mouth-watering treats!

3. Mokafé Taverne: Sip, Savour and Delight in Waffle Heaven

Mokafé Taverne, tucked away in the historic Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert in Brussels, offers a waffle-filled journey. Aromatic freshly baked Liège waffles take centre stage, complemented by rich chocolate and luscious strawberry options. They pair perfectly with cappuccinos, hot chocolate and their renowned specialty coffee roasted in-house. The warm and inviting atmosphere is reminiscent of old Brussels bistros, where locals and travellers savour Belgian culinary treasures. Whether you're a waffle enthusiast or just craving traditional Belgian cuisine, Mokafé Taverne in the heart of Brussels is your destination.

best waffles in Brussels: Mokafé TaverneSource: Mokafé Taverne

With a central location like Mokafé Taverne, situated between the Grand Place and the Manneken Pis, make sure you plan ahead and search for nearby parkings before your visit. Just an 8-minute walk from the café, Parking Brussels Central Station - St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral Bruxelles is just one of the convenient parkings nearby, providing a hassle-free parking solution for your visit. With your parking secured, you can relax and take your time to savour every bite of those delectable waffles without a care in the world!

4. Veganwaf’: Satisfy Your Cravings the Vegan Way

Veganwaf' in Brussels redefines waffles with a twist: they specialise in vegan and gluten-free waffles that cater to various dietary needs and preferences. Their gluten-free waffles offer a canvas for delightful toppings, from fresh strawberries to indulgent melted chocolate, maple syrup, vegan whipped cream and dairy-free ice cream. With glowing customer reviews, their freshly prepared waffles are both delicious and accommodating. Conveniently located in the Agora shopping centre near the Grand Place, Veganwaf' invites locals and tourists to an inclusive and delectable waffle experience that celebrates culinary creativity and accommodates dietary preferences with flair.

best waffles in Brussels: Veganwaf'Source: Veganwaf'

But the convenience doesn't end with their mouth-watering waffles! Just an 8-minute walk away from the shop, you'll find the convenient Parking Central Station Brussels, offering a stress-free parking solution that complements your waffle adventure. Book your parking spot in advance through Mobypark, and enjoy an inclusive, delicious and entirely hassle-free waffle experience at Veganwaf’!

5. The Sister Brussels Café: Waffles with a Conscience

The Sister Brussels Café, a delightful all-day organic café in the heart of Brussels, offers delicious waffle wonders that are also conscious of your dietary preferences. Their commitment to organic and sustainable ingredients shines through in every bite.Their waffles are a triple threat: gluten-free, organic and delightful. Customisable with a range of toppings and flavours, you can tailor your waffle to your liking. In addition to waffles, they boast an extensive selection of beers and specialty coffees, with an active Instagram presence to keep you informed about their offerings. Whether you're gluten-sensitive or simply seeking culinary perfection, this café blends flavour, consciousness and variety for a delightful waffle experience.

best waffles in Brussels: The Sister Brussels CaféSource: The Sister Brussels Café

Located in the bustling heart of Brussels city centre, you might think that finding parking in the Belgian capital is a challenge. Don't worry! You can enjoy your culinary adventure without the parking hassle by booking in advance at the centrally located Parking Central Station Brussels, just a short 9-minute stroll away from the café. Make sure to plan ahead and secure a spot for yourself, ensuring that your quest to discover waffle wonders in the Brussels city centre is convenient and stress-free from start to finish.

6. Pardon Brussels: Where Waffles Reach New Heights

Pardon Brussels in Saint-Gilles offers a tantalising waffle experience that pushes culinary boundaries. Their extensive menu features sweet and savoury options, but their Brussels waffles steal the show. Alongside this signature creation, they accompany it with a small and delectably fresh brioche waffle that takes the traditional Brussels waffle to new heights. From raspberry and dark chocolate vegan waffles to flanders waffles, sweet and salted Brussels waffles and more, Pardon Brussels caters to every palate. They also offer plant-based milk for your coffee. Committed to using fresh, sustainable ingredients, Pardon Brussels delivers exquisite flavours in every bite.

best waffles in Brussels: Pardon BrusselsSource: Pardon Brussels

But hold on, your delectable waffle journey at Pardon Brussels comes with a side of convenience. Parking Porte de Hal Brussels and Parking near Porte de Hal Brussels are both just a 6-minute walk from the café, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience for your visit. To make your waffle adventure as seamless as it is delicious, plan ahead and book your parking spot in advance!

7. Woodpecker 47: Savour Brussels' Most Creative Waffles

Renowned for its creative twist on waffles, Woodpecker 47’s Brussels waffle stands out with a delightful filling of leeks and chives, crowned with gravlax salmon beneath hollandaise sauce. With options for vegetarians, vegans and those with gluten sensitivities, their menu caters to all. Whether it's the homemade leek waffle with truffle cream, roasted mushrooms and poached eggs or the playfully named ‘Call Me Cheesus’, you'll find something to relish. This café's commitment to fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients ensures every bite bursts with quality and flavour. Located near the iconic Grand Place, Woodpecker 47 is not just a culinary destination but a cosy and accessible stop for anyone exploring the vibrant city of Brussels.

best waffles in Brussels: Woodpecker 47Source: Woodpecker 47

Thanks to Mobypark, you don’t need to fret about parking in the bustling heart of Brussels! You can easily book your parking spot in advance at Parking Van Artevelde Brussels, just a 10-minute walk away. This way, you can indulge in Woodpecker 47's remarkable waffle creations without the hassle of finding a parking spot!

8. Galet: Freshly Baked Waffle Bliss

Since 1998, Galet in Brussels has been the go-to waffle specialist for an authentic and innovative experience. Offering both traditional Brussels and Liège waffles, as well as a savoury line-up under ‘Galet gourmand’, they stand out for their commitment to quality and daily on-site baking of waffle dough using a traditional recipe. You can choose from sweet waffles with chocolate, fruit or powdered sugar, or savour their creative savoury options. With two Brussels locations, Galet is conveniently situated in the city centre, including a corner shop for takeaway near Place des Martyrs and a cosy tea-room across the De Brouckere transit stop.

best waffles in Brussels: GaletSource: Galet

Don't let parking concerns deter you from indulging in Galet's waffle delights in the heart of Brussels! Book your spot at Parking UCLouvain Saint-Louis Brussels, just an 8-minute walk from the Galet Corner Shop on Rue Neuve, and enjoy your waffle while taking a stroll along the shopping street without parking stress. Or, if you fancy sitting down at the Galet Tea-Room near the popular Anspach Shopping Centre, consider booking at Parking garage Pacheco - Rue Neuve - Brussels Centre, just a 10-minute walk away from the tea-room. These parkings are conveniently located within easy reach, making your waffle experience at Galet even more enjoyable and hassle-free.

9. Los Churros & Waffle: A Song of Churros and Waffles

Just as their name suggests, Los Churros & Waffle offers a delightful blend of waffles and churros. Whether you fancy traditional Brussels waffles, Liege waffles or savoury creations like goat cheese and chorizo waffles, their menu caters to all tastes. Top your treat with various choices like chocolate, fresh fruit and whipped cream. Located in the heart of the city centre near Grand Place, this café boasts two convenient locations. With an active Instagram presence, you can easily stay updated with their latest offerings and events. For a delightful waffle and churro combo in Brussels, Los Churros & Waffle is the place to be!

best waffles in Brussels: Los Churros & WaffleSource: Los Churros & Waffle

Parking in Brussels can be an intimidating task if you don’t plan ahead! Before you set out for the bustling Belgian capital for a pleasant waffle surprise at Los Churros & Waffle, consider reserving a spot in advance at Parking Central Station Brussels, a centrally located parking garage just an 8-minute walk away from the Los Churros & Waffle location on Rue du Marché aux Herbes. If you’re visiting their other location on Rue de Tabora, opt for Parking Van Artevelde Brussels, a mere 10-minute walk away. Secure your spot at these parkings and enjoy hassle-free access to the delightful world of waffles and churros!

10. Aux Gaufres De Bruxelles: Choose Your Own Waffle Adventure with Endless Toppings

Aux Gaufres de Bruxelles is a renowned restaurant and tea-room that elevates Belgian specialties. Their menu features classic dishes like Brussels waffles, Liège waffles and pancakes, all customisable with an array of diverse toppings, such as whipped cream, hot Belgian chocolate, ice cream, jam, syrup, dulce de leche, maple, Nutella, speculoos, fresh fruit, strawberry, banana, butter and flambé! Located near the Grand Place, within the UNESCO zone, the restaurant is a convenient choice for both locals and tourists. If you’re looking for an authentic Belgian waffle experience in Brussels, Aux Gaufres de Bruxelles won’t let you down!

best waffles in Brussels: Aux Gaufres de BruxellesSource: Aux Gaufres de Bruxelles

For those worried about parking in Brussels city centre, thanks to Mobypark, you can conveniently book a parking spot in advance at the nearby Parking Central Station Brussels, just a short 6-minute walk away from the delightful waffle institution. This accessibility makes your visit even more enjoyable, knowing that you can savour Belgian culinary delights without the stress of finding a parking spot!

Bonus: Gaufres & Waffles: Unleash Your Waffle Imagination with Michelin Magic

We have included Gaufres & Waffles as a special addition to this impressive list of waffle wonders for a good reason. Every recipe at Gaufres & Waffles was crafted by 2-Michelin star chef Yves Mattagne, and the waffle dough is freshly prepared daily in their kitchen! Their menu boasts an array of innovative waffle flavours, from the original to classics like waffle and Belgian chocolate, waffle and banana split, to inventive combinations like waffle and blueberries, waffle and Mexican-inspired chicken, and waffle and apple. They also offer unique pairings such as waffle and beef tartare, and even waffle with Nobashi shrimp. Vegetarians can relish a waffle with a hint of Thai flavour. So if you're looking to try unique and delicious waffle creations in Brussels, this place is a must-visit to experience Belgian cuisine's imaginative side!

best waffles in Brussels: Gaufres & WafflesSource: Gaufres & Waffles

To make sure parking doesn’t get in the way of your waffle adventure, don’t forget to plan ahead and search for convenient parkings nearby. Consider reserving a parking spot at Parking Brussels Central Station - St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral Bruxelles, just an 8-minute walk from Gaufres & Waffles. Simply book in advance, and you can leave your vehicle there with peace of mind as you explore the delightful world of waffle flavours!

In the heart of Brussels, a world of waffle delights awaits. From Maison Dandoy's timeless Belgian classics to the creative flair at Gaufres & Waffles, each waffle destination brings something unique to the table. Whether you're a waffle enthusiast, a fan of savoury options or have dietary preferences, these waffle establishments have something special in store for you. You can enjoy these waffle wonders without the parking worries, thanks to Mobypark, which conveniently lets you book your parking spot in advance, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful experience. So go ahead, savour the essence of Belgian culinary heritage and indulge in the waffle wonderland Brussels has to offer!

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