7 Best Paris Restaurants to Visit on a Special Occasion

Read about seven different Paris restaurants, which you can visit on your food tour and discover what the state of Paris gastronomy looks like right now.
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7 Best Paris Restaurants to Visit on a Special Occasion


Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, spend some family time on your trip to Paris, or to simply try out authentic Parisian cuisines on a weekend getaway, trying out local cuisine makes for such an exciting travel agenda.

Known for their gastronomy, you can find many cool new restaurants in Paris that will enlighten you on any special occasion.

If you need some inspiration for a gorgeous and special Parisian dinner, check out these seven cafe restaurants!

1. Midi 12

Midi 12 Paris crepes gastronomy

Source: Midi 12

Midi 12 is a local creperie that has won the hearts of its many customers. Are you going on a special Parisian lunch date with your partner while on your holiday trip? Eating here will certainly leave a memorable mark for you and your date!

They have their crepes named after those of you who claim to be crepes gourmand - the Gourmande and even the Gourmande of the Moment. With the former, it's sweet and savoury at the same time, while with the latter you’re in for a surprise because this menu changes with inspiration from the chef.

You might also want to try out their galettes, as it is one of Midi 12’s main specialties. A galette is also known as a flat cake, which is served differently in different places. Midi 12 serves their galette with such a mouth-watering presentation that instantly makes you want to take a bite at it. The galette menu ranges from half-cooked eggs that are Instagrammable, to the French take of a burger - all served with some greens on the side.

paris crepes food

Source: Midi 12

You can grab a combination of both a galette and crepe for a price that is pocket-friendly. And just like that, you get a two-in-one special.

The restaurant is located at the ninth arrondissement of Paris, which is a very strategic area. Located nearby are the Musée national Gustave Moreau and Musée de la Vie romantique. It is easily accessible with public transport. If you decide to come by car, parking at Catherine’s parking garage might be convenient for you, as it is one of the private owner parking locations available on Mobypark. Mobypark works with many private owners who want to rent out their private parking garages to optimize space and earn extra revenue. Don't forget to reserve your parking ahead of time to make your trip hassle free.

2. Fulgurances

fulgurances paris french restaurant

Source: fille de paname

Initially known as a French food magazine, Fulgurances established L’Adresse in 2015. The purpose of the restaurant did not go further from its editorial mission to discover authentic tastes. It provides the space and facilities needed for sous chefs to thrive and put their culinary visions to the test. You could see it as a culinary incubator. Resident chefs shift would host their dishes at Fulgurances for six months, after which a new resident chef would take over. So, be sure to find out who’s ‘cooking up a storm’ in the kitchen by visiting the Fulgurances Instagram or website!

This restaurant features an innovative, unique, and explorative take to the concept of dining out in Paris. And yet, the concept stays true to the identity of Paris gastronomy, which highlights the importance of creating a safe space for chefs to thrive creatively.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something different for a celebration, Fulgurances can give you what you want. The restaurant will enlighten you with a special French cuisine that is bound to be shared with your loved ones.

The restaurant is located at the eleventh arrondissement of Paris where you can find Place de la Nation for a nice pre- or post-meal walk - depending on the time you eat, of course. You could also take a walk at Coulée verte René-Dumont, which is right around the neighborhood. There are many public transportation options around the neighborhood. If you’re traveling by car, you could park at one of Mobypark’s private owner parking lots.

3. Il Etait Un Square

paris food il etait un

Source: Il Etait Un Square

When thinking of burgers, you might immediately think of fast food - the American way. Recently, however, France has adapted it with a twist and embellished it with a gastronomic trademark. Il Etait Un Square mainly serves burgers and fries, but what makes it grasp the haute cuisine title is its focus on their key ingredients and process.

Their specialty meat, which are mainly beef and tartares are sourced from Aveyron farms and prepared by their very own artisan butcher. Their buns are prepared by artisan bakers, meanwhile fries and mayonnaise are homemade. This place would be a nice, friendly visit for lunch especially if you are celebrating a special occasion along with your kids. So, should burgers and fries be considered the typical ‘Paris food’? You should think so!

Not too far away from the restaurant is the zoo, which you could take your children to after - or even before - your meal. Make your trip even more special by travelling by car and parking at Francois’ parking garage, which is being rented out for Mobypark users. For tips on how to travel with kids by car, read this blog post to find out more.

4. Alan Geaam Restaurant

alan geaam paris gastronomy cuisine

Source: Alan Geaam

Simply put, this one Michelin star restaurant offers French cuisine with a touch of Lebanon or travel. The restaurant is named after the chef himself, Alan Geaam, who has had a successful history in French gastronomy. With this restaurant becoming his second achievement, it’s safe to say he’s made it into the French success culinary story.

french lebanese cuisine paris gastronomy

Source: Alan Geaam

This restaurant is special due to the culinary concept it adds to French gastronomy. It gives Lebanon a place in Paris’ haute cuisine. So, if you’re in the mood to celebrate and are willing to indulge in a gastronomic adventure with your food-loving friends, you should check this place out.

The restaurant is located just 450 meters away from Arc de Triomphe. You can go for a nice stroll to let down all the food you would have stomached after coming out from Alan Geaam.

5. Cheval d'Or

french asian fusion cuisine paris gastronomy

Source: Cheval d'Or

Recently, French cuisine is experiencing a revolution of international influences. As a result, some of the best restaurants in Paris incorporate a fusion concept that blends local cuisine with something different. Cheval d’Or is among many that demonstrates a French-Asian fusion cuisine. It gives the French gastronomy a new and unique definition.

The menu is dominated by Asian influences, such as their specialty of hot bao buns and noodles. Needless to say, though, its French counterpart equally contributes to the intricacy of the restaurant. What do they have in store, you ask? Clams in lemongrass broth, custard buns with crème pâtissière, and definitely more!

It is the wine that makes this restaurant feel more local than ever. The wine selection is chosen based on suitability that equally regards French and foreign winemakers - while still being inexpensive.

paris restaurant

Source: Cheval d'Or

Not only is this restaurant known for its unique menu, as its interior is also worthy of appreciation. The ambiance that it exudes is clearly contemporary, which also equally blends its Asian-European heritage to make your dining experience wholesome. If you are taking your family out to dinner, you’re in for a treat! Cheval d’Or has a cozy ambiance that is perfect to celebrate an intimate birthday dinner with your loved ones. It’s good to note that only 20 seats are available for walk-in customers without reservations. So, be sure to make your reservations ahead of time!

6. Le Petit Cler

le petit cler bistro

Source: Le Petit Cler

You can’t escape Paris without trying out a plate of the Croque-Monsieurs or Croque-Madam. Paris hosts one of France’s most famous Croque-Monsieurs restaurants - and they’re at Le Petit Cler! Normally, the dish is served in two halves of a long bread. But at Le Petit Cler, they serve the Croque-Monsieurs with one long piece of bread.

You’ll enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant, as it has that authentic Parisian bistro vibe. Are you visiting Paris on a warm, sunny day? Then take a seat at the terrace, where you can indulge in the Parisian street views.

wine alcoholic beverages bistro

Source: Le Petit Cler

Sitting inside will be as pleasing as sitting outside, as their wine collection embellishes the interior of the restaurant. They have a wide variety of wine selections to choose from. So, whenever you get the chance to visit the bistro, sit tight and get cozy. Enjoy every bite and sip of their lovely Croque-Monsieurs and red, white, or rose wine for a decent price!

7. Atelier Maître Albert

french restaurant paris gastronomy

Source: Airbnb

Looking for a culinary experience that is traditional but at a reduced price? Atelier Maître Albert is a contemporary rotisserie whose menu features a top-notch spit-roasted chicken with creamy potato purée. What makes it top-notch, you ask? Well, owner Guy Savoy’s three-starred Michelin accomplishment explains why!

The restaurant plays with ambiance that is both contemporary and traditional, which is impressively designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. There is a wine library - or a Vinothèque -, a library lounge, and even a chimney room, which will give you a varied sense of dining experience. Are you celebrating a special occasion with your significant other? Perhaps, you would like to take your date out on an anniversary dinner? Then this is the place to be!

It is located at the fifth arrondissement of Paris - a very strategic location to take a stroll, where the river Seine is just a few steps away. There’s nothing better than ending the day with a stroll with your loved ones!

All of these restaurants are located in and around the centre of Paris. For heavily discounted, reservable-in-advance parking in Paris, visit the Mobypark website.

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