Scheveningen Beach Guide: Where to eat, what to do, hotels, Scheveningen parking and more.

Visiting Scheveningen beach? Read this guide for things to do at The Hague Beach. Here are some top tips about where to eat, what to do, hotels, Scheveningen parking and more.
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Scheveningen Beach Guide: Where to eat, what to do, hotels, Scheveningen parking and more.


Scheveningen beach showcases the highlights of the Dutch beach experience. From bungee jumping to kicking back on the beach with a cocktail or luxury dinner in the Kurhaus of Scheveningen. Scheveningen used to be a small seaside resort and has grown into the most famous holiday resort in the Netherlands. Unsurprisingly, you have everything there: culture, sea, activities, beach and food.

Are you planning to visit Scheveningen for a weekend? Or are you looking to be inspired for fun activities in the area? This complete guide will tell you everything you need to know for a fantastic stay in Scheveningen.

Scheveningen pier parking

Scheveningen Beach and the Scheveningen boulevard

One of the best things to do in Scheveningen is stroll along the wide Scheveningen boulevard, featuring a variety of shops and beach bars, with an ice cream in hand. After that, we recommend you stretch out on the beach and listen to the murmur of the waves, seagulls and beachside sounds of your fellow beachgoers. Scheveningen is a place to enjoy and unwind. If you need even more rest and relaxation, consider a massage or a floating session at Wellness Spots, or take a lovely dune walk.

scheveningen dune walk parking

Museum Beelden aan Zee

If you've relaxed enough and are looking for something more active to do, take the time to go to this museum. Museum Beelden aan Zee is the only Dutch museum that focuses on modern and contemporary, (inter)national sculpture. It provides a unique experience with stunning views of the beach.

museum beelden aan zee parking scheveningen
Museum statue by the sea

Shopping in Scheveningen

From Beelden aan Zee you can go straight to Keizerstraat, the oldest historic shopping street in Scheveningen. It is a shopping street full of small pretty shops, cake patisseries and cafes, and it features a beautiful old church. If this doesn’t saisfy your Schevenigen shopping experience, then the long Scheveningen Boulevard features plenty more small shops with the necessary bathing gear and it leads straight to the Palace Promenade shopping centre. Here you will find mainly clothing shops and other practical shops.

Things to do in Scheveningen

Are you looking for a more active day at the beach? Learn something new and work on your health by taking part in one of the following beach activities: learn surfing at Hartbeach Scheveningen, paddle boarding at Solbeach or kitesurfing at

The Pier Scheveningen

At De Pier (‘The Pier’) of Scheveningen, there is also a lot to do. Experience an adrenaline rush by bungee jumping from the top of the pier over the water. After such an experience, you will certainly be hungry; reward yourself with delicious pancakes on the pier before stepping onto the Ferris wheel to watch the sunset together with your loved one. End off your day at the Pier with a dance together and a delicious gin and tonic. Check out the website of De Pier to find out what the latest activities and events are.

activiteiten in scheveningen; de scheveningse pier
De Pier from the inside

de pier scheveningen parking what to do
Sunset view from De Pier

Places for kids

There is plenty of opportunity for surfing with the children at hartbeach. There are also other special kids activities in Scheveningen, such as trampolines on the boulevard, reasonably near the Kurhaus, A day at Sea Life Scheveningen is a nice outing and there is also a kids play paradise on the Pier. If you are staying in Scheveningen for multiple days, make sure you visit Madurodam. Madurodam is a theme park which showcases a miniature city of Dutch houses and iconic buildings from the Netherlands. It is a real must-see with the children.

scheveningen kinderen activiteiten
De Pier

Where to eat and drink in Scheveningen

Throughout the day you can enjoy delicious coffee, snacks, barbecue and cocktails at various beach bars. One of the best places to start your day is at the CoffeeCompany in Scheveningen! They have delicious cakes and spectacular latte art.

coffeecompany scheveningen parking
The Coffeecompany in Scheveningen

For lunch you can walk north along the beach to the Black Path ('het Zwarte Pad'). This area is just as fun and a bit more quiet. Head towards the gorgeous Patagonia Beach for a delicious lunch. Do you enjoy hustle and the bustle more? Then walk along the boulevard to the swinging Bora Bora which features cheerful music and regular barbecues with delicious meat and fresh fish.

patagonia beach parking zwarte pad
Patagonia beach

Besides the beach bars and the beautiful Kurhaus, you can find amazing restaurants at the harbour of Scheveningen. To get to the harbour, keep walking south with the sea on the right handed side. Here you can eat at Restaurant Di Sopra if you feel like Italian, or you can eat a delicious fresh fish at De Dagvisser.

scheveningen harbour eating and parking
The Harbour

If you are craving a lot to eat, you could also head to Rodizio Scheveningen, an all-you-can-eat restaurant where you can eat unlimited meat and salades.

A fun group activity is to follow is a cocktail workshop at Zanzibar Beachclub. Learn how to make your own cocktails and then stay for a nice dinner and a refreshing dip in the sea.

Dutch herring on the Boulevard

Speaking of fish, a typical Scheveningen activity that is not to be missed is to eat fresh herring. Throughout the boulevard you can find small fish carts/stalls where you can eat the famous Dutch herring. Traditionally you eat it with some diced onion, hold it above your head by its tail and slowly lower it into your mouth.

herring cart scheveningen activity
A fish cart

Local tip: On the 15th of June you can go to the harbour of Scheveningen for a typical Scheveningen holiday called Vlaggetjesdag. This is the day on which the first herring enter the harbour. It is a special experience filled with activities and old Scheveningen crafts. It is a great way to experience Dutch culture!

A night out in Scheveningen

If you plan on going out in Scheveningen, a great option is to see a fun musical (check the program for the Circustheater Scheveningen), or go to a (dance) performance at the Zuiderstrandtheater. You could also see a film at Pathé Scheveningen if that's more to your taste, a large cinema with the latest films. Head to the recently reopened Crazy Pianos for live music. For a night out without the kids, you can head to the Holland Casino or go dancing at one of the beach bars on the Black Path.

Hotels in Scheveningen

If you fancy a luxurious stay, you could stay at the Kurhaus the most famous hotel in Scheveningen. This majestic hotel was built in the late 19th century and has been in use for more than 100 years. However, if you would prefer to find something more cost-efficient, there are still a lot of other hotels to be found. There is, for example, the Leonardo Hotel; it is directly on the beach and only four minutes away from the characteristic Scheveningen pier. For a real local experience however, it is advisable to book a nice place via Airbnb.

parking kurhaus scheveningen
Het Kurhaus

Parkeren Scheveningen

Do you plan on driving to Scheveningen by car? Then be aware that the Scheveningen area can be quite difficult to park in. It is only possible to park close to the beach for a lot of money or for a couple of hours straight with traditional parking means. If you remember to book a parking spot in advance, this can save you a lot of money. Take a look at our website, where you can park in Scheveningen for only €20 per day by renting a private parking space. See for example this private parking in Scheveningen from owner Fred. It is a great location very close to the beach!

If you need a parking space last-minute, you can also rent an 'instant book' parking space through our site, so you don't have to wait for confirmation from the private owner. For example, you could park in Scheveningen at the Holiday Inn Express.

Getting around in Scheveningen

Once you have parked in Scheveningen, everything is fairly close in proximity. However, some points, such as the harbour and the Zuiderstrandtheater are a bit further out of the way. Mostly it is advisable to walk, use the public transport or rent one of these Haagsche Stadsfietsen, which you can easily park anywhere to get around in Scheveningen.

What to do in Scheveningen?

Enjoy! Choose one or more of the indicated activities. Plan your stay, book your parking space and enjoy the sun, beach, pier, boulevard and the sea. Be happy!

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