Mobypark at Startup Autobahn; It is more than just parking. It is about helping the city in an efficient and sustainable way.

Mobypark talks at the Startup Autobahn about parking and the future of Smart Mobility. The future is about helping the city through; sharing, data, collaborations and sustainability.
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Mobypark at Startup Autobahn; It is more than just parking. It is about helping the city in an efficient and sustainable way.


The past couple of years, Mobypark has been a successful sharing platform, where private individuals and companies can rent out their unused parking spots to drivers in need of a spot.

Being part of the sharing economy means that space which would normally stay empty can now be used optimally while having the benefit for the driver of knowing where to go upfront and thus not losing the time searching for a parking spot.

Last Thursday, Mobypark participated in the Startup Autobahn collaborative event together with the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) and Daimler, aka Mercedes Benz. At this Startup Autobahn event named AMS Institute meets Mercedes Benz Deep Dive “Future of Smart Mobility Management", promising startups get invited to present their story, their view and their ideas about the data-driven future of mobility to be able to voice their views and make interesting connections.

Mobypark’s vision

At the Startup Autobahn event, Mobypark had a chance to present our vision on what is truly important for the future of the parking sector. Mobypark still wants to offer the best parking experience for a huge amount of users, such as travellers, business employees such as daily commuters and meetings, and for people who simply want to go to events, such as to a theatre. Lately, however, it is a noticeable change in the views about the industry. Mobypark believes that it is not only about the best parking experience anymore, but about the best city experience.

Where parking can, of course, be frustrating, time-consuming, expensive and inefficient for a driver, it causes a bigger issue. Parking takes up an enormous amount of space on the street, there is extra traffic from people looking for parking and parking could be a lot more sustainable, shared and space-efficient.

Collaboration and change

Still, Mobypark will keep the sharing platform and all of its benefits but will expand to make parking even more city-friendly.

Therefore, Mobypark is looking for collaborations with companies and municipalities in order to offer a flawless City Experience for everyone. Mobypark believes that to make cities more livable, the streets can not be crowded by cars and people searching for parking.

If people park their car on the edges of the city, the means of public and shared means of transport can take them to their final destination in a smooth manner. The future for parking is slightly outside the city centre; the centre will be more for people and less for cars. Therefore parking solutions have to consider the last mile; how to get from the parking to the final destination in a smooth manner. Collaboration between mobility companies are necessary to share the data and to make smooth connections.

Most likely, fewer people will own a car themselves and there will be an increase in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), think: more shared mobility, such as shared cars (e.g. ViaVan), shared bikes (e.g. Donkey Republic) etc. Which will also have an effect of the filling of the parking locations.

Lastly, sustainability is a huge topic and offering electric charging and mobility solutions at parkings will be a way to make the city less polluted and overall better for the people.

Do you resonate with any of the above-mentioned sectors, are you providing sustainable means within the transportation and mobility sector and would you like to collaborate in creating a great and livable city for everyone; where space and resources are optimally used? Feel free to reach out to

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