Mobypark reaches the milestone of 100.000 bookings!

Learn how the Mobypark community saves over 7 million kg CO2 emissions with our milestone of 100.000 bookings, while helping our partners get more revenue!
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Mobypark reaches the milestone of 100.000 bookings!


We are proud to announce that Mobypark has reached the milestone of 100.000 bookings!

We are proud to announce that Mobypark has reached the milestone of 100.000 bookings! The 100.000th booking was made at the Hilton Amsterdam by a Mobyparker named Arjan, who is from the Netherlands. We celebrated our achievement by visiting him to hand over a 1.5 meter long cheque.

Arjan often parks in Amsterdam: “I am an independent contractor and use Mobypark because it is the best option. For me it was an easy decision to choose Mobypark as it was the cheapest option. My colleagues are now also using it, I’m happy that I was able to recommend the Mobypark platform to them.”

Arjan with his 1.5 meter cheque.

Our story

Mobypark has been active for 7 years and is a pioneer in the sharing economy. Since our start in 2012, Mobypark has grown tremendously. Currently our Amsterdam-based parking platform is active in 8 different countries and over 30 cities. Mobypark offers over 3000 parking spots at hotels and businesses and from individuals that rent out their empty parking spots. By doing so, Mobypark partners have earned up to €100.000 with their otherwise unused spots. Through our peer-to-peer platform, we make it possible for anyone to rent out their parking spots to the public.

Jaap Sybenga, Mobyparks CEO, reflects on this past period: “I joined Mobypark two years ago on its mission to help cities by optimizing parking capacity and we have made big steps since then. This year provided new challenges but also opportunities. We have been able to keep our entire team on board and the growing interest from parking owners has helped us expand our business. Our team is extremely versatile and during this period we never lost our drive.

It gives me a lot of energy to help essential workers that are required to travel or are in need of a flexible and safe parking solution. In spring for example, we offered free parking to healthcare professionals. Now we are placing a big focus on helping even more companies to optimise their parking. This way we help companies like hotels and offices, but also individuals to earn extra cash.”

Why we love what we do

Opening private parking to the public means less parking spots on the street are needed, which leaves more room for cyclists and more green in the city. Moreover, the need for newly built parking spots decreases as we are making full use of the existing parkings.

Mobypark makes it possible to book parking in advance. This way drivers know where to go and do not have to spend extra time driving around searching for parking in crowded city centres. Spending less time on the road significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emitted and is good for overall air quality. It takes the pressure off cities by reducing traffic jams. Up until now, Mobypark has helped save over 7 million kilograms of CO2 emitted from cars since reaching their 100.000 bookings milestone.

Smiling, Jaap entrusts: “Even though it has been a challenging year, Mobypark is working harder than ever to help cities, companies and individuals thrive. We are glad to be able to do this with people like Arjan and we will continue to help people park with a smile.”

Do you like our story and want to be part of it? Easily make your first booking or add your parking to the platform to help the city!

As a company, you can also start renting out your company parking and become part of the sharing movement. Don't hesitate to contact us and let Mobypark help you! Or check out our business page for more information.

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