Mobypark Community: Meet Mobyparker & Artist Juliana

Curious who rents parking spaces on Mobypark? Read this interview with Juliana: a Mobyparker who lives in Amsterdam.
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Mobypark Community: Meet Mobyparker & Artist Juliana


The Mobypark Community exists of all these amazing people and it is the heart of our platform. A while back, we highlighted some of the parking owners. Now, it is time to highlight the drivers. First up for you to meet: Juliana van den Boogaard.

I met Juliana when I was handing her the keys to her parking. A bright, confident, and smiling woman who suddenly started renting a car park a lot more. I got curious and we talked outside of our Amsterdam-based office, based alongside the gorgeous canals.

1. Could you tell me a bit about yourself? What is your backstory?

My name is Juliana van den Boogaard and I am half French/ half Dutch having lived most of my life in England, so I consider myself International. I like to think that I have adopted the best traits of all the countries, in other words: the British humour, the French style, and the Dutch directness.

2. That is amazing! Could you let me know what made you move to Amsterdam?

Having never lived in the Netherlands I have decided to move to Amsterdam in September to discover my Dutch roots and learn the language. Amsterdam is a city I fell in love with from coming to visit my friends at a young age.

However, living here is a whole new and exciting ball game. You get to cycle everywhere, museums and galleries are easily accessible and it is a much calmer city compared to London, my previous city, whilst still keeping its strong International charm.

3. So, Juliana, what do you do in your day to day life?

I am an Artist & Illustrator and I have set up my studio along the canals in the city centre of Amsterdam. Most of my work is architectural and nautical, so it is a privilege to be among such beautiful surroundings right at my doorstep. I paint large-scale paintings with intricate drawings in ink, pastel and charcoal on paper.

art juliana Hammersmith bridge

Hammersmith Bridge - by Juliana van den Boogaard

I like to work in mix-mediums, predominantly from life capturing light and shadow on outdoor subject matters. I am currently working on my next series on the city of Amsterdam.

art juliana marga

Marga SY 1910 - By Juliana van den Boogaard

4. Do you travel often by car?

Since the minute I have had my license I have been travelling by car. Mostly because I love road trips, but also due to the fact that whenever I have an exhibition or sell a painting, I need to deliver my artworks to various locations.

art boogaard trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square - by Juliana van den Boogaard

5. Why did you start using Mobypark?

As all Amsterdammers know, it is a two-year wait for a parking permit and it is extremely expensive to park your car in Amsterdam. This is when I discovered Mobypark, which literally saved my life. My clients have been able to park near my home in the city centre during studio visits and my family likes to come to visit me from Alsace, France.

A lot of the people that come to visit have driven from Belgium, France, and Germany, sometimes the journey is quite long. So to be able to simply pick up the keys and know where the parking spots are, that are affordable and very often the same spots, have made the whole experience so much easier.

For now, I am only using Mobypark in Amsterdam and on average I would say I book a parking spot twice a month. But I will 100 percent be using it in the future cities I visit my clients or on road trips as it is simple and fast to book.

juliana boogaard studio

Juliana working in her studio

All the art in this blog was made by Juliana van den Boogaard herself. You can check out more of Juliana’s work on her website and on her Instagram.

If you know/are a Mobyparker who you think we should feature on our website, please send us an email. We love to share the stories of our community.

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