Mobypark Community: Meet Sam - Mobyparker, Photographer & Filmmaker!

Curious who rents parking spaces on Mobypark? Check out this interview with Sam: a Mobyparker living in the Netherlands.
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Mobypark Community: Meet Sam - Mobyparker, Photographer & Filmmaker!


The Mobypark Community is full of fascinating people who use the platform for different reasons. A little while ago, we got to know Juliana van den Boogaard, an artist living in Amsterdam.

Up next is the art student, photographer, and filmmaker: Sam Wolting! An ambitious person who likes to have many things going on at once. Check out this interview to find out more about Sam’s day-to-day and why he started using Mobypark!

1. Could you tell me a bit about yourself? What is your backstory?

I’m Sam Wolting, 21 years old and living in the Netherlands. I’m currently studying at St. Joost, an art school in Breda. I’m studying Photography & Film, and my work is focused on documentary film at this moment.

2. What do you do in your day to day life?

Besides my art school, I am an intern at Basalt Film, a production company for documentaries in Rotterdam. During the weekends, I work at a lunchroom in Breda, which also functions as a daycare for people with disabilities, Jan en Alleman. For the rest of my time, I’m working on my own graduation project this year, which (hopefully) will premiere next summer.

by Sam Wolting

3. I noticed that you have an interest in people’s personal stories for your art. Could you tell me a bit more about that?

Even before I started studying at art school, I have loved capturing other people. When I started my studies, I specified this interest to people who aren’t considered ‘normal’ in today’s society. I think when it comes to these people, there is a lot to gain from understanding their perspective and the situation they’re in.

A good example of this was a project I did a year and a half ago, WIRE(LESS). In this project, I focused on people who suffer from EHS, a condition that gives someone physical pain from electromagnetic radiation. This radiation comes from wireless technologies such as 5G. Since 5G was launched in the Netherlands, some people started protesting to block it, conspiracy theories arose around the matter and people started to set 5G antennas on fire.

When I was looking into it, I got in contact with a few people who are suffering from EHS. With my project, I wanted to shift the view of my audience and introduce them to another more understanding side of the discourse.

WIRE(LESS) by Sam Wolting

4. What an interesting project! Do you travel often by car (in the Netherlands, France, other countries)?

I got my first car quite recently, so last summer was my first time travelling abroad with it. However, when I was younger, I would travel all around Europe by car with my family!

5. Why did you start using Mobypark?

I wanted a parking spot for a week near my apartment in Paris in the middle of Montmartre. When searching for a ‘regular’ spot, the prices would skyrocket. Since I’m a student, that was not really an option for me. So, when I found out about Mobypark, I was able to find a pretty cheap spot right around the corner from the apartment.

6. How convenient! What did you get up to in Paris? Do you have any local recommendations in Montmartre?

I was on vacation with my girlfriend. On the corner of Rue Muller and Rue Albert are some lovely spots to eat. We also had a very tasty breakfast at La Relais de la Butte, located at Rue des Trois Frères. The view is amazing there!

Sam Wolting in Montmartre, Paris

All the photography in this blog was made by Sam Wolting. You can check out more of Sam’s work on his website and on his Instagram.

If you know/are a Mobyparker who you think we should feature on our website, please send us an email. We love to share the stories of our community.

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I love sustainability, solving important problems and improving the environment. Working with the community is something I really enjoy: it is great to be able to make people happy!