​4 useful tips for your next vacation

Time for your next vacation? Here are 5 useful travel tips that will help you plan a better trip by saving you time and making your travel easy and peaceful.
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​4 useful tips for your next vacation


Before you plan your next trip, have a look at these 4 useful travel tips. Do you wish for a stress-free travel, where important things can be well-planned beforehand and all you need to do is head out, enjoy, and relax? Then read these travel tips that will help you better organise your trip, save you time and money, and make your travel easy and peaceful.

1. Mobile Internet

Internet is indispensable during travels.. However, dealing with the roaming charges is one of the major issues when travelling. To save yourself from getting bankrupt at the end of the trip, make sure to check for such charges with your mobile phone service provider beforehand. It is also a wise idea to go for WiFi rental services.

Websites such as My Webspot, a pocket WiFi rental service for travellers, offer high speed Internet. It is a good choice to opt for so as to avoid heavy roaming charges. Through this service, travellers can access the Internet abroad at local rates. Customers are offered daily packages with unlimited access to the mobile Internet. The service also provide ‘data only’ telecom offers for tourists in Europe at a reasonable price (starting at 5 € per day).

2. Save money on bookings

There are many useful websites such as Holidaypirates that offer you cheap and good deals for travel tickets and hotel reservations, You can also discover selected holiday packages at best prices on the website. More vacation deals, accompanied with interesting deals on activities such as spa, restaurants, etc. can also be discovered on platforms such as lastminute.com and Travel Zoo.

You can consider booking your stay at youth hostels as well. Hostels are of course, cheaper than hotels and make for a good choice if you are travelling on a budget. This is also one of the reasons that hostels are more popular among youngsters, backpackers, and students.

If you are travelling by car, you can book cheap parking in advance and save money. This is a smart idea, especially if you are travelling to cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, or Brussels, where parking is too expensive.

3. Meet locals

Thanks to the emerging concept of sharing economy, travellers have many interesting options to stay, eat, or join interesting activities with locals.

Websites such as Airbnb, Couchsurfing, and Bedycasa are wonderful platforms to meet with locals during your travels. These platforms, on one hand, allow you to book cheap accommodation at a local's house and on the other hand, help you meet local people and make friends. These hosts usually provide you the local perspective of the city and help make your journey around the city smoother.

If you rather want to stay in a hotel and still make connections with locals, here is the way! Meetup is an amazing platform to meet locals. Here you can browse through plenty of groups and categories on the website to find your preferred choice of activity such as learn cooking a local dish, or a local language, etc. It is a very good platform to experience events and take part in activities with the locals, It is a best way to explore, teach, and learn things about each other's culture and to add value to your travels.

Would you rather want to meet a local over dinner or lunch? Eatwith lets you do just that! The platform lets you explore people who you can 'eatwith', helping you share the culture with the natives..

4. Download useful apps and guidebooks

With the advent of technology, more than half of the travel concerns can be solved just by your smartphone. Download all the necessary apps in your phone beforehand. Apps related to navigation, and city maps and guidebooks are very useful when travelling to a new city. You may also want to download currency converter apps and apps to keep a check on weather.

Also, if you are not a multilingual, it will be in your interest to download apps such as Google translator or Duolingo in your phone. This will help you avoid any tough time, need you be required to book a room in German or French.

If you are more of an explorer and wish to discover some of the hidden local popular hangout zones, there are apps such as spottedbylocals for you to find out the local hot spots. Here you get the insiders' view of the happening places in the city.

Craving for your favourite dish after the long walks around the city? Find your food at Foodspotting. a wonderful app that lets you find just the food that you wish for.

Incorporating these tips in your next travel plan can certainly help you better organise your trip and let you travel with peace and comfort.


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