Michel's parking

5 Rue de Joinville, 75019 Paris, France


Responds within 3 hours

Member since Jan '22



24/7 access

Parking description

- Easy to access and Very secure.

- Secure underground car park, lit, accessible 24/7 and Video-surveillance System

- Access to the car park via rue de JOINVILLE with a remote control (BIP)

- reception and hand delivery of the remote control

- The location is located 1 minute walk from the metro ( CRIMEE Line 2/7) station which deserts the center of Paris

- Contact easy and fast by Whatsapp, sms, mail, téléphone...

Access information

Access to the car park is via a hand-delivered BIP, which is left with the driver during the rental period. Drivers should park on number 55


SUV size 24/7 access

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