Parking TU Delft Campus Mijnbouwplein

Professor Schermerhornstraat 4, 2628 PZ Delft, Netherlands

Parking TU Delft Campus Mijnbouwplein


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Parking description

Parking on de TU Delft Campus at Mijnbouwplein. This convenient and well priced parking lot is located right next to the DUWO student building, surrounded by TU Delft buildings. Parking on the street here is very expensive.

The car park is also located near several popular points of interest in Delft, including the famous Royal Delft museum, Pathé Delft, and the shopping area around Zuidpoort/Bastiaanplein.

Why park at Parking TU Delft Campus Mijnbouwplein:

  • On the TU Delft campus (North)
  • Near TU Delft Faculty of Architecture (Bouwkunde)
  • Parking near Royal Delft museum and the Hortus Botanicus
  • Just outside Delft City Centre
  • EV chargers

So, safe money and time and book you parking spot on the TU Delft campus now!

Access information

You can open the barrier to the parking with a digital button which you will receive by email. You can enter the parking directly once you have made a reservation. Entry and exit to this parking are unlimited during your reservation, you can drive in and out as often as you would like.

Access time information

Opening Hours:
Monday (00:00-07:00 & 15:30-23:59)
Tuesday (00:00-07:00 & 15:30-23:59)
Wednesday (00:00-07:00 & 15:30-23:59)
Thursday (00:00-07:00 & 15:30-23:59)
Friday (00:00-07:00 & 15:30-23:59)
Saturday (24 Hours)
Sunday (24 Hours)


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