Parking De Carpentierstraat The Hague

De Carpentierstraat 77, 2595HE Den Haag, Netherlands

Parking De Carpentierstraat The Hague


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Parking description

Parking at De Carpentierstraat The Hague (Den Haag), is situated within the neighbourhood of Bezuidenhout located southeast of the Haagse Bos, which includes Haagse bosvijver.

The parking spot is near the main street of Theresiastraat, where you can find a variety of shops such as clothing stores, restaurants, and more. Theresiastraat also leads to The Hague Central Station.

The parking is also near public transport, such as the bus stop Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indië, and the tram stop, Den Haag Oostinje.

Access information

You can open the barrier to the parking with a digital button which you will receive by email. You can enter the parking directly once you have made a reservation. Entry and exit to this parking are unlimited during your reservation, you can drive in and out as often as you would like.


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