Hotel Parking Management at the Leonardo Hotel: a review with Ramón

Learn how Ramón, Room Division Manager at the Leonardo Hotel Rembrandtpark, manages his hotel parking facilities in a flexible, quick and simple way.
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Hotel Parking Management at the Leonardo Hotel: a review with Ramón


As a Room Division Manager, Ramón is in charge of the whole hotel building and everything that goes on within it, think: house cleaning, front desk, technical departments, parking and more. In this interview, Ramón Trienes talks about collaborating with Mobypark.

Ramón works at the Leonardo Hotel in Amsterdam. As the affiliated company of Fattal Hotels, the Leonardo Hotels first entered the German market in 2007 and currently operate with more than 160 properties all over Europe. One of the essential features of the chain is to provide hotels situated in attractive locations, for example right in the heart of the city or close to the airport. Each Leonardo Hotel is individually furnished and guarantees to all guests excellent comfort and an outstanding service. This hotel has been managing their parking with Mobypark for a long time and Ramón has been managing this hotel for over a year.

Could you tell us how the collaboration between Mobypark and Leonardo Hotel started?

It is a longtime partnership, so the collaboration has been going on before I was even working here. We like to focus on what we do best, which is hospitality. Obviously, we are not a parking management company, so we tried to find partners where we could give those tasks away a bit whilst keeping the majority in our own control. You're not the only parking partner that we use, we work with ParkBee as well at the parking deck, you receive our spots in the garage.

How has your experience been so far collaborating with Mobypark?

I would say easy. We get financial updates and invoices from Mobypark every month. There's no complaints, there's no hiccups, there's no weird things. We could have more frequent meetings about developments. But for me it's fine now too. Overall, it has given me less worries about administration and payments of parking, which is exactly what I am looking for as it's only a small part of what we're doing.

Mobypark: How would you rate working with Mobypark from 1-10?

I would definitely say an eight. To get a ten, you could basically give more updates on your future developments which could lead to even more collaboration with us. We currently have a corporate social responsibility focus which includes becoming more sustainable

How are you implementing sustainability in the facility part of the company, besides sharing your parking with Mobypark?

Our main focus now is getting rid of plastic as we normally handed out pet plastic bottles for our guests. Now, we have switched to refillable bottles to take with them, which for us is a really nice way to save costs but most importantly, it is better for the guests and for the planet.

We have our own bikes that guest can use to ride the last mile. Also, we are increasing our amount of electric charging stations. So we’re just looking at different solutions, always searching for the best one for the environment. E.g. we are investigating to have the whole garage with adjustable LED lightning, so it’s lower production and less usage of power. There lamps will have a minimum mode and if there is any motion the power will go up. We are on trial of not cleaning our customers room everyday where guests can volunteer to be GREEN. We will see how this works and perhaps completely implement it. For this, we are setting up a special offer: “Why not go green. Stay for two nights and we don’t clean”. Which means that if you are staying for two nights and you don’t want to have room service or your room cleaned you get a €5-10 discount. We also are getting rid of almost all our single use items, such as straws and renewing shampoo bottles etc. We are doing a lot and can make a big difference because we are a quite big building. By making these changes, as we are a bigger building, we can be big in being green.

Mobypark: If you would describe working with Mobypark in three words, what would those words be?

Would you recommend Mobypark?

Yeah I'd recommend it. It's for anyone that has a parking garage that wants to give control or give that management of the garage to someone else.

Do you know anyone who needs a professional system to manage their company car park? Don't hesitate to contact us and let Mobypark help you! Or check out our business page for more information.

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